The Search for the Aryan Family – The Rise of Pregnancy Tourism in Ladakh

The Brokpa – A Search for Alexander’s Heirloom

You must be asking yourself, “when did the Aryans arrive in India?” And this curiosity fuels the interesting pregnancy tourism that takes place in Ladakh and revolves around the special community of the Brokpa. 

The search for Racial Purity in Brokpa

The Brokpas form a vital and dynamic component of Ladakh’s diverse culture. With a population of around 1800, their dedication to preserving their cultural and genetic distinctiveness is prominent.

From Myth to Earnings – The Business of Aryan Claims in Ladakh

The claims regarding the Brokpas being Aryans in India are largely based on folklore and lack scientific validation. No DNA or genetic testing has been conducted to substantiate their assertions of pure Aryan descent

Beyond the Search for Aryan Seed – Discovering the True Nature Of Ladakh

While the Brokpa claim to be of Aryan origin, it is important to approach this story with caution. Going to Ladakh for the sole purpose of being a pure Aryan seed neglects the rich culture, history, and beauty of the region. This mentality perpetuates untruths and can lead to moral and cultural exploitation.

The Hidden Paradise of Ladakh – The Aryan Valley Unveiled

An untapped gem of Ladakh, the Aryan Valley is getting more and more attention thanks to the efforts of the central government, the local administration, and the security forces.Exploring the Aryan Valley offers a blend of cultural and natural attractions:

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