Top 5 places to visit Goa for New Year Party 2024

01 Mobor Beach, South Goa

Cosy moments are pure blissful at a New Year Party in Goa. It’s an astoning place to have a flowy date to pamper yourself for the special and prosperous beginning.

02 Ashwem beach, North Goa

Enjoying the exotic delicious cuisine, sitting back and welcoming the new year with such stunning fireworks, 

03 Calangute/Baga Beach, North Goa

Unusual DJ mashup, high beat rhythm all night to let you groove in the aura of hippiness.The New Year Party in Goa, the night you will remember!

04 Palolem beach, South Goa

New Year's countdown awaits at the graceful imposing butterfly shoreline. It is the marvelling  Goan spot to party the night away with a glorious year waiting ahead.

05 Cafe Mambos

The dance floor will set  on fire as one can't stop dancing. The whole vibe will be eclectic. Highly recommended for desi Bollywood music fans.Do visit during the New Year Party in Goa.

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