Top Lakshadweep Activities for an Exciting Vacation

1. Snorkeling At Agatti

Incredible place with calm waters, this is among the best places in the whole of Lakshadeep to go for snorkeling.

2. Scuba Diving At Kalpeni Island

Kalpeni island is famous for its rich and colourful underwater life. Scuba diving at Kalpeni island is altogether a different fun. There are hundreds of exotic corals at the shores of Kalpeni island which will make your dive absolutely stunning.

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3. Go Fishing At Kadmat Island

This awe inspiring island is famous for fishing adventure. Kadmat island is surrounded by entrancing lagoon on one side. This incredible fishing spot shouldn’t be missed if you love fishing.

4. Explore The Wonders At Kalpeni Island

One of the most popular islands here – Kalpeni is also inhabited by the locals of Lakshadweep. The island is full of fantastic and stunning architectural wonders.

5. Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing is an enthralling water sport adventure where one can participate at Lakshadweep. Kadmat island among others is a popular spot for the adventure of Kite Surfing.

6. Canoeing At Minicoy Island

One of the best places for canoeing in Lakshadweep is Minicoy Island. The shallow waters around Minicoy make it a perfect place for canoeing and one can enjoy the sport even if one is trying it for the very first time.

7. Explore Marine Museum At Kavaratti Island

There is a stunning marine museum at Kavaratti island depicting and showcasing the smashing and magnific life of underwater denizens. The museum houses some extremely exotic fish and underwater species.

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