Top 7 Places to visit in Ayodhya

1.Ram Janmabhoomi

The Ram Janmabhoomi, which translates to "Ram's Birthplace," is believed to be the birthplace of the Hindu god Lord Ram. The Indian epic Ramayan states that Ram, Lord Vishnu's seventh avatar, grew up beside Ayodhya's Sarayu river. 

2. Hanumangarhi, Ayodhya

Hanuman Garhi is located in Sai Nagar. This temple dates back to the 10th century and is dedicated to the Hindu god Hanuman. One of the most important places in Ayodhya is Hanuman Garhi. It is customary to visit this temple before visiting the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

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3. Nageshwarnath Temple

Nageshwarnath temple in Ayodhya, located near Theri Bazaar, is named after the local deity. It is said to have been founded by Lord Rama’s son Kush or Kusha.

4. Kanak Bhawan

The Kanak Bhawan is located at the northeastern corner of the Ram Janmabhoomi in Tulsi Nagar. Built in 1891, this temple is also known as Sone-ka-Ghar. It is a sacred place honoring the Hindu god Lord Rama and his wife, Goddess Sita.

5. Gulab Bari

Gulab Bari, also known as The Garden of Roses, is located in Vaidehi Nagar. It has the tombs of the third Nawab of Faizabad (Oudh or Awadh), Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula, and his parents.

6. Ram Ki Paidi

Ram ki Paidi is a set of ghats on the banks of the River Saryu. The riverfront provides a beautiful landscape, particularly at night when it is floodlit. These serve as platforms for devotees who, it is supposed, come to wash away their sins by bathing in the river.

7. Birla Temple

Shri ram janaki birla temple is a newly constructed temple. This temple is situated near the Ayodhya bus stop on the way from Ayodhya to Faizabad. The temple is dedicated to lord Ram and devi sita.

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