Top Exciting Activities in Japan You Can Only Enjoy in the Spring

1. Join the Mt. Fuji Flower Festival

One of the best events to visit during spring in Japan is the Mt. Fuji Flower Festival, or the Fuji Shibazakura Festival. Aside from cherry blossoms, the shibazakura or pink moss is one of this festival's must-sees.

2. Go on a cherry blossom tour

Of course, who doesn't want to experience hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, while in Japan? In case you don't know, hanami is one of the most popular activities in Japan during the springtime.

3. Pick strawberries and enjoy eat-all-you-can crab

Spring in Japan also means there are strawberries abound! Lauded as the queen of spring fruits, Japanese strawberries, harvested in Tochiotome and Amaou, are known to be big and sweet.

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4. Visit a tea farm for the Chakabuki experience

Another much-awaited activity in Japan during springtime is ichibancha, or the annual harvest of Japanese tea farmers. The picking season starts in May, making the best time to visit green tea plantations smack dab in the spring!

5. Rent a kimono and tour Okinawa

Okinawa is the place to be if you want first dibs on the earliest cherry blossoms. Book your kimono rentals, and remember to bring your cameras for the prettiest photo opportunities with your outfit and Japan’s iconic flowers!

6. Ride a bike at a nearby park

Take advantage of spring's beautiful weather and the fantastic view of cherry blossoms—a major main character moment! Aside from parks, you can also cycle along the Seto Inland Sea Road or visit different neighborhoods around Tokyo.

7. Conquer the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

If you're in Japan during April, you're at the perfect time to take on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. Also known as the Roof of Japan, this majestic Alpine Route is carved from an 18-meter-high snow wall from Toyama City to Omachi City in Hokkaido.

8. Pass through the Wisteria Tunnel

For a fantastic view of these lilac blooms, head to Kawachi Fuji Garden in Northern Kyushu, where the awe-inspiring Wisteria Tunnel looks straight out from a fairytale!

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