Activities in Shimla

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Activities in Shimla

Trekking, ice skating, skiing, paragliding, mountain biking, heli-skiing, river rafting, skiing, camping, rock climbing, and golfing are some of the activities you can engage in.

Over the weekend, go on a day trip to Shimla and let yourself to enjoy this alluring hill station. You can visit the best sites on your one-day excursion, such as temples and churches to satisfy your spiritual needs, museums and monuments to delve into the city’s history, and hills and waterfalls to take in the dazzling natural beauty.

In addition, you can engage in a variety of exciting activities on your one-day trip to Shimla, including cycling at Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary, camping in Junga, and hiking at Summer Hill. At each of these locations, you can also interact with the local flora and animals. Additionally, if you have children and want to make their trip unforgettable, you can arrange to spend the day at one of the amusement parks Shimla has to offer. Check out our list to learn more about these and many other Shimla locations.

Top Activities in Shimla

1. Shimla River Rafting

Shimla River Rafting Information:

River rafting at Tattapani, Shimla, is undoubtedly one of the best experiences. This level-3 rafting adventure in Shimla’s tranquil and breathtakingly beautiful natural setting is truly unique. There is nothing to worry about in this 12 km long rafting adventure thanks to all the safety precautions and knowledgeable, licenced instructors.

  • Arrive at the activity site, Chaba, by the time that is arranged for you.
  • Start the thrilling 12-kilometer river rafting trip with your friends.
  • Experience the exhilaration of level 3 rafting over the Satlej River’s wild waves.
  • Receive a briefing from qualified instructors who will also be onboard to help you throughout the activity.
  • There will be a swimmer and a guide on board to help in an emergency.
  • You can purchase transfers from the endpoint at an additional cost.

Location: Chaba, Himachal Pradesh, is the site of the activity.

Beginning/End Location: Chaba

Activities run: From 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM.

Time Spent on Activity: 1.5 hours

12 kilometres of rafting distance

2. Skyjumper Shimla

a state-of-the-art family entertainment complex in Shimla where everyone can enjoy unmatched entertainment, adventure, fun, fitness, and sports experiences. Enjoy arcade games, a sprint car arena, or leap off walls, fly through the air, and have fun with family and friends at SkyJumper Trampoline Park, a playground of over 100 linked, top-notch trampolines!

Location: Shimla’s Cart Road

The activity’s details

  • The event will take place from 0:30 AM until 8:00 PM.
  • Prepare yourself for a one-of-a-kind fun experience at the only trampoline park in Himachal, which offers a variety of entertaining activities.
  • A foam pit, free jump trampoline, Ninja circuit, wall walk, dodge ball, beam fight, horizontal volleyball, vertical volleyball, and basketball are just a few of the park’s main attractions. These activities are more than enough to keep you entertained and exhilarated all day long.
  • In addition to this, a gaming arcade is available to you for an additional cost and at your discretion.

3. Jakhoo Temple Trek

On top of Jakhu Hill is where you’ll find Jakhu Temple. This hill, which is the geographic centre, dominates Shimla town. The highest point in town is the Hanuman temple at the summit of Jakhu hill. The wonderful vistas over the surrounding valleys, the snow-capped hills, and Shimla itself make the long ascent worthwhile. Even though it is only 2 kilometres to the Ridge, a person who is not accustomed to mountain hiking may take an hour to walk there.

Aside from pilgrims, the temple is one of the most popular destinations for visitors. Surprisingly, despite the fact that there are many monkeys near the shrine, none of them harm people. Many people find the climb up to the temple to be strenuous, yet it is accessible via a lush deodar forest. Ponies are offered for rides to and from the shrine. The tour guide will be present the entire time, and he will share interesting facts and tales about the locations with you to make the experience more engaging.

Start & End Location: Mall Road, Shimla

4. Kufri Adventure Park

Kufri Adventure Park details:

Nothing beats Amusement when it comes to enjoyment and thrills. Discover exciting amusement park rides and more at Himachal’s first modern amusement park, which is surrounded by excellent skiing, hiking, and scenic views. At 9000 feet above sea level, the Kufri Adventure Park offers one of the best hill adventure sports experiences in all of North India. Plan a fun day out by making reservations at this amusement park in Kufri, close to Shimla.

Location: Kufri

The activity’s details

  • Spend a day of entertainment at the Kufri adventure park.
  • The following bands of tickets are available for purchase as desired: band border of orange
    4.a red band
  • Enjoy rides in the yellow and blue band include Sky Swinger, Frish Bee, Swing It, Dashing Car, Haunted House, Mirror Maze, Infinity Room, Tunnel Ride, etc.
  • By making a reservation for the orange band, you can access the wave train, mini skater, bungee trampoline, moonwalker, and kangaroo leap.
  • Both single-seater and double-seater go-kart laps are available for your enjoyment.
  • You can also take advantage of delectable meals at an additional cost in the park’s on-site restaurant.

5. Tour of Shimla City

Shimla is a vibrant and stunning hill station that beckons mother nature to be present everywhere. With its Victorian-style buildings, lovely green valleys, snow-capped mountains, and amazing constructions, it is a treasure trove of natural riches. You will become familiar with all the major locations in Shimla thanks to the knowledgeable tour guide.

  • In the heart of Shimla, there is a sizable open area known as The Ridge.
  • The Mall Road in Shimla is one of the busy streets where you can find a variety of shops.
  • The largest Hanuman statue in the world can be seen from most locations in Shimla at the Jakhoo Temple.
  • The second-oldest church in North India is called Christ Church. The neo-gothic architecture and interior design are exquisite and alluring.
  • Summer Hill, often referred to as Potter’s Hill, is a hill that is wonderfully lovely in the winter since it is completely covered in snow.
  • The Army Museum is a historical attraction that is a part of Annandale and is close to the Ridge.
    One of Shimla’s most well-known locations for shooting is Green Valley. locations used for filming in various Bollywood productions
  • Scandal Point owes its intriguing moniker to the fact that it was here that the King of Patiala kidnapped the Viceroy’s daughter after falling in love with her.
  • Lakkar Bazaar is where one may get wonderful jewellery, shawls, woollens, and other local handicrafts.
  • Indian Institute of Advanced Studies: This magnificent Victorian-style building is the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, and it is situated on Observatory Hill.

6. Mashobra Shimla Waterfall Trekking and Camping

Regarding Waterfall Trekking and Camping in Mashobra Shimla:

The picturesque views of the lush green valleys of the Himalayan range from the campsite will revitalise your mind and body. Enjoy a relaxing camping trip with cosy accommodations where there won’t be any hassles. Along with additional adventurous activities like waterfall trekking, includes a fun bonfire session with campfire games.

Activity Location: Mashobra, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Check-In Time: 2:00 PM

Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM

The activity’s details

  • Register at the campsite and set up your own tents.
  • Participate in numerous camping activities and socialise with other campers.
  • Spend some time with your loved ones exploring Mashobra’s neighbouring surrounding woodlands.
  • During the evening, visitors can relax with their friends around a warm bonfire while listening to soft music.
  • The following morning, get up and start your walk to the waterfall with a pleasant guide at your side.
  • Meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner are also included in the camping and trekking excursion.
  • After you get back to the campsite, stop this camping activity and put a smile on your face.

7.Shimla Hilltop Homestay

Homestay information and nature:

This magnificent house, perched on a hilltop and encircled by deodar forests, provides limitless views of the lush green valley. Enjoy a relaxing and opulent escape at this hometsay, which is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city in a tranquil setting in the shadow of the Himalayas.

Shimla has a pleasant climate all year long, but March to June are the best months to visit because of the summer temperatures, which range from 16 to 28 °C.

Location: Theog, Shimla

Check-in Time: 11:00 am

Check-out Time: 12:00 pm




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