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Weather: 12 – 18°C

Ideal duration: 2-4 days

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Things To Do In Dharamshala

Explore Triund trek, Kareri lake trek, Paragliding, Camping, Kangra Fort, Visit Dal Lake, Meditate at Gyuto Monastery, Visit Jwalamukhi Devi Temple, Bhagsu Waterfall, Tea Gardens, Visit Mani Lhakhang Stupa, Cricket Match at HPCA Stadium, Aghanjar Mahadev Temple, Dharamshala War Memorial, and many more things to do in mcleodganj and Dharamshala.

Dharamshala, also known as Bhagsu, is a picturesque city in the upper Himalayas that offers a variety of attractions and natural landscapes. The Dalai Lama’s home and the Central Tibetan Administration are both located here, making it particularly important in Indo-Tibetan ties.

Its beauty and culture make it a must-see destination for visitors, and there are plenty of things to do in Dharamshala to keep visitors entertained and delighted.

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Top Things to do in Dharamshala

1. Triund Trek

Triund Trek,Best places to visit in Dharamshala

Triund is located north of Dharamshala, and McLeod Ganj is known as Dharamshala’s crown jewel. The view from Triund Hill is spectacular, with the Dhauladhar Mountains on one side and Kangra Valley on the other, and best things to do in dharamshala To begin the hike, travel to McLeod Ganj and then book a taxi to Galu.

You can alternatively drive to Bhagsu Nag and begin your hike there. The hike leads you through beautiful woodlands lined with trees that are only found in high-temperature zones. You will also have to battle steep mountains and twists on your route to the Triund top.
There are numerous restaurants along the way that sell refreshments and light snacks, making your journey more easier. This is a journey.

The best time to visit triund trek:- Summer because it will be a more manageable time to hike the trail.

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2. Kareri Lake Trek

Kareri Lake, Best places to visit in Dharamshala
In the Dhauladhar Range, Kareri Lake is situated around 40 kilometers to the north of Dharamshala. The road is covered in stunning greenery and Himalayan-specific flora. Starting your trip from the village of Ghera will get you here.

Regular buses run to Ghera from Dharamshala, making it simple to travel there. The hike to Kareri Lake from Ghera takes 8 to 9 hours. The path is occasionally difficult and narrow.
It’s less well-traveled than treks to Triund or Bhagsu Nag, making it feel more remote. In Kareri, there are many camping areas where you can spend the night before heading back to Dharamshala the next day.
Best time to visit :- Summer is the best time to trek the trail because it will be less challenging.

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3. Paragliding In Dharamshala

Paragliding in Bir Billing top Things to do in Himachal Pradesh

Paragliding is an adventure sport in which a glider with no rigid support system is flown. It is similar to a hot air balloon in that it relies heavily on centripetal and centrifugal forces to assist it glide through the air.

Many tour and travel agencies in Dharamshala offer this service. If you like the adrenaline rush that comes with adventure sports, this is a terrific activity to try. This area’s natural hilly terrain makes it a popular destination for such sports. Indrunag and Bir Billing are two of the most popular spots for paragliding in Dharamshala. Paragliding in dharamshala is the Top Things to do in Dharamshala.

Activity Location:  Indrunag, Dharamshala
Best time to visit :-  Summer is a time when the wind will be more controlled.
Approximate Cost:  Prices range from 2000 to 8000 rupees per person.

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4. Camping in Dharamshala

Things to do in Shimla: Exploring the serene beauty of Mall Road on a leisurely evening stroll with the Himalayan mountains as your backdrop.
The lovely curves and hilly landscape of Dharamshala make for a wonderful camping experience. The clear skies and fresh air enhance and enhance the camping experience. In Dharamshala, there are many shops that sell camping equipment, or you can bring your own.

The trail between Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj is a popular camping spot, and there are often large crowds. You can also camp a few distance after McLeod Ganj, which is less crowded and more tranquil. It does, however, limit the amenities available locally.
Best time to visit :- Summer and spring are the best seasons to camp because the terrain is easier to camp in.

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5. Discovering Bhagsu Waterfall: A Natural Wonder

Bhagsu waterfall/Things to do in Dharamshala
Bhagsu Waterfall in Bhagsunag hamlet, located 1 kilometer from McLeod Ganj, is a traveler’s delight due to its surrounding beauty and history. It is close to the Bhagsu Nag Temple, which is devoted to Shiva.

The waterfall is a 30 foot plunge positioned between two mountain caves and is a magnificent sight to behold. The waterfall is a 20-minute climb from the temple, but it is well worth the effort once you witness the beautiful water and relax in the peace and quiet among lush nature. It is a must-see attraction that should be on your list of things to do in Dharamshala.
Best time to visit :- The best time to visit Bhagsu Waterfall in Dharamshala, India, is during the summer and early monsoon months, which typically run from March to July. During this time, the weather is pleasant, and the waterfall is at its fullest due to the melting snow from the nearby Dhauladhar mountains and the onset of the monsoon rains.

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6. Visit Dal Lake

Dal lake, Best Places to visit in Dharamshala
Dal Lake in Dharamshala is located on the Dal Lake-McLeod Ganj Road in Kangra district, north of Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj. Dal Lake is the Top Things to do in Dharamshala. It is known for its altitude and is encircled by deodar tree canopies, which add to the appeal of this little lake. There is a sacred Shiva temple here that is well-known among the locals due to its mythological significance.

This charming lake is a wonderful day trip from Dharamshala because it is close by and transportation to the lake from Dharamshala is simple. It’s definitely something to add to your list of things to do in Dharamshala.
Best time to visit :- Summer and spring are the best times due to clear weather and less chances of road blockage caused by snow.

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7. Gyuto Monastery : Great place to meditate

Namgal Monastery, Best places to visit in Dharamshala
Gyuto Monastery is about 9 kilometers south of Dharamshala on the Palampur-Dharamshala route. As a premium tantric college, it is a very important monastery in Buddhist legacy. It adheres to the principles of the Gelug organization, a relatively recent Buddhist organization that emphasizes discipline and ethics in the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction.

This is a lovely location to visit to unwind and contemplate. This monastery’s natural beauty, combined with its peace and quiet, is likely to relax anyone. It’s a must-see for anybody visiting Dharamshala and is a must-see for anyone looking for things to do in Dharamshala.
Best time to visit :- The best time to visit is all year round.

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8. Enjoy Delicious Tibetan Food

Enjoy Tibetan Food in Dharamshala, One of the top activity to do in Dharamshala
Tibetan cuisine in Dharamshala is a delightful culinary journey, offering a wide array of delectable dishes that are easy to appreciate. Momos, which are dumplings stuffed with various fillings, are a universal favorite. Thukpa, a hearty noodle soup brimming with flavors, warms both the body and soul.

Complementing these dishes is tingmo, a soft steamed bread that pairs perfectly with savory curries. These Tibetan flavors are accessible and pleasing to a variety of palates, providing a taste of the region’s rich culture and traditions. Exploring Tibetan food in Dharamshala is not only a gastronomic adventure but also an immersive cultural experience.

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9.  Shopping: Stone Jewelry & Handicrafts

Shopping in Dharamshala
Shopping, from jewelry to woollens, is one of the most popular activities in Dharamshala. You may shop both in showrooms and on the streets in this city. Walking around Dharamshala’s markets, you’ll see items made of various stones, woollens knit right in front of you, colorful prayer flags, and handicrafts that speak volumes about Tibetan and Indian traditions.

Unlike in many other Indian shopping sites, bargaining in McLeodganj Market may not be fruitful. However, we recommend that you visit other stores where you can get some items at a lower cost.

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10. Dharamshala to Mcleodganj Ropeway

Dharamshala to Mcleodganj Ropeway, Best places to visit in Dharamshala
Dharamshala Skyway connects Dharamshala city and McLeod Ganj, a scenic hill station. The ropeway is the first of its sort in the Kangra district and is a mono cable European CEN standard compliant system.

The route begins in Dharamshala’s city center and travels through the Himalayan foothills to an altitude of 362 meters. The picturesque hamlet of McLeod Ganj, the residence of The Dalai Lama, gradually falls as you are entranced by the majesty of the mighty Dhauladhars all around you. So that was the end of it! These Dharamshala activities will excite you from head to toe. most important Top Things to do in Dharamshala. That is for certain! Plan your vacation to Dharamshala as soon as possible! Entry Fee:- One Way Trip – 450 and Round Trip – 675

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11. Namgyal Monastery: A Spiritual Retreat

Namgyal Monastery: A Spiritual Retreat/Things to do in Dharamshala
Monasteries are among the most peaceful places to visit, and Dharamshala has plenty of them. And you’ll be pleased to learn that Namgyal monastery is one of India’s largest monasteries. The monastery, which is located near Mcleodganj, is home to 200 monks who work to keep the peace. You will learn about Tibetan customs and ceremonies by visiting this site.

Best time to visit :- The best time to visit Namgyal Monastery , is during the spring and autumn months.

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12. Exploring Naddi Village: A Tranquil Getaway

Exploring Naddi Village: A Tranquil Getaway/Things to do in Dharamshala
One of the must-do activities in Dharamshala is to become acquainted with rural life. Naddi village is a lovely settlement with breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys. The village will allow you to escape the rush and bustle of daily life and find calm. You must visit the village if you are traveling with your family.

Best time to visit :- The best time to visit Naddi village near Dharamshala is during spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). Winter (December to February) can be quite cold and may not suit all travelers.

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13.Visit Mani Lhakhang Stupa

Visit Mani Lhakhang Stupa/Things to do in Dharamshala
The Mani Lhakhang Stupa is located in Uprali Barol, about 5 kilometers from Dharamshala. This stupa is also known as the monastery of the prayer wheels. It was built in 2001 on the orders of the Dalai Lama as one of five miniature stupas designed to withstand natural disasters.

This lovely Stupa houses a gold-plated statue of the Buddha in his traditional lotus stance. There are many prayer wheels at the Stupa that you can spin for good luck. It is easy to go to from Dharamshala because there is a lot of transportation to this location. In the evenings, you can pamper your senses by listening to the monks sing hymns that will make you want to return here again and again. Best time to visit :-The best time to visit is all year round.

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14.Witness a Cricket Match at HPCA Stadium

HPCA Stadium Dharamshala, top Activity to do in Dharamshala
Cricket is a cult in India, having a popularity that transcends age, religion, caste, creed, and gender. What better way to enjoy such a sport than to see it in a stadium at a height of 1457 m, surrounded by gorgeous mountains and high altitude?

The HPCA stadium in Dharamshala is more commonly utilized for Ranji Trophy matches. The stadium’s high altitude makes it difficult to utilize for international cricket since rain or snow can block roadways, making transportation difficult. Catch a game while you’re here and enjoy the sport while seeing the stunning and spectacular mountains in the background.

Best time to visit :- The best time to visit is all year round. Read more

15. Aghanjar Mahadev Temple: A Sacred Place of Worship

Aghanjar Mahadev Temple: A Sacred Place of Worship/Things to do in Dharamshala
The Aghanjar Mahadev Temple is located in Kangra district, about 9 kilometers from Dharamshala, on the foothills of the Dhauladhar Mountains. This lovely village is located in Khaniyara temple and is famous for its scenic and religious splendor and amazement.

The temple has a long history related to the Mahabharata. Before the Mahabharata war, Lord Shiva is said to have granted Arjun the gift of victory. The temple honors and celebrates this boon and is very religiously significant. There is also a lovely brook nearby that can be visited. Large stones embellish and enhance the beauty of this place. This is a must-see for everyone looking for activities to do in Dharamshala. Best time to visit :- The best time to visit is all year round.

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16. Dharamshala War Memorial: Honoring Heroes

War memorial Dharamshala,one of the Best places to visit in Dharamshala
The Dharamshala War Memorial, located at the entrance to Dharamshala town, was built to memorialize the heroic men and women who died in service to our country after independence. The memorial is set among stunning landscape and is an homage to bravery and sacrifice.

The names of all the troops and martyrs who died in the wars and peacekeeping missions in 1947-48, 1962, 1965, and 1971 are engraved on the monument. This is an extremely important structure. Soldiers’ sacrifices are often forgotten in popular media, but buildings like these remind and inspire people to remember and keep fighting the good fight. Keep this on your list of Top things to do in Dharamshala when you visit.
Best time to visit :- The best time to visit is all year round.

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17. Dharamkot Village: A Serene Retreat

Dharamkot, Best places to visit in Dharamshala

The village’s basic way of life will entice you and force you to stay forever. The village also provides yoga and meditation classes to ensure that you have the most peaceful vacation possible. Make a point of visiting this location while in Dharamshala.

Best time to visit :- The best time to visit Dharmkot village, which is near McLeod Ganj in Dharamshala, India, is during the spring and autumn seasons. Winter (December to February) can be quite cold and is less popular for tourism.

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18. Sherbling Monastery: A Peaceful Himalayan Retreat A Serene Retreat

Sherbling Monastery: A Peaceful Himalayan Retreat/Things to do in Dharamshala
It was founded in 1975 by the disciples of the 12th Kenting Tai Situpa in a protected pine forest. The monastery was built in the traditional Tibetan architectural style and employs the ancient science of geomancy.

The monastery can accommodate 500 monks and includes numerous shrine rooms and halls for meditation and worship. It is a major structure in Tibetan Buddhist activities, with many followers and pilgrims visiting it every day. The monastery is the holy residence of Tai Siti Rimpoche, a well-known Buddhist figure. The monastery will provide you with a lot of solitude and quiet. Best time to visit :- The best time to visit is all year round.

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19. Visit Kharota valley : A Charming Destination A Serene Retreat

Visit Kharota valley : A Charming Destination/Things to do in Dharamshala
This small village serves as an excellent hiking base, allowing tourists to explore the region’s stunning scenery and spot native species.

The simplicity and tranquillity of life in Kharota are a welcome change from city life. Whether you want to rest or go on an adventure, Kharota is a friendly place where the beauty of nature and the kindness of its people leave an indelible impact. Best time to visit :-The best time to visit Kharota is during the spring and summer months, which typically span from April to June

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20. Explore Kangra Fort

Kangra Fort, Best places to visit in Dharamshala
Kangra Fort, located on the outskirts of Kangra town, was established as part of the Katoch Dynasty by the Rajput dynasty of Kangra. This fort’s builders can trace their roots back to the Mahabharata, making it India’s oldest recorded fort.

It is also the Himalayas’ largest fort. The fort is well renowned for its significance in medieval Indian history because it was a sought-after fort by the Mughals and successfully resisted many Mughal sieges. The fort’s outside wall is 4 kilometers long, and the inside chambers include many relics from many periods, most notably the Mughal and British occupied India centuries. There are temples as well as regal rooms. Best time to visit :- The best time to visit is all year round.

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21. The Lahesh Cave Trek

Lahesh Cave Trek, Best places to visit Dharamshala
The campsite is located 3500 meters above sea level. The Lahesh Cave is a 12-kilometer hike from the McLeod Ganj Bus Stop. Lahesh Caves are a stunning sight located in Himachal Pradesh on the way to Indrahar Pass and are flanked by several tall and magnanimous Himalayan peaks.

With this camping adventure, you will stay in these caves, which are sometimes used by shepherds, while participating in a variety of other daring activities. During the trek, you may expect to walk for about 4-5 hours per day. Trek on to the Triund mountains and the snow line, passing through oak, deodar, pine, oak, and fir forests until arriving at the breathtaking Best time to visit :- The best time to visit Lahesh Cave is during the summer months, typically from May to June and September to October.

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22. Visit  Jwalamukhi Devi Temple

Jawala Devi temple Best places to visit in Dharamshala
Jwalamukhi Devi Temple is located in Jwalamukhi town, Kangra district, about 55 kilometers from Dharamshala. It is dedicated to Jwala, a Hindu Goddess of fire and burning gas. The temple was established by Raja Bhumi Chand Katoch and is another monument in Dharamshala with Mahabharata origins.

The most unusual aspect of this temple is that it contains no deity. Instead, the flames that emerge from within the rocks through fissures in the ground are revered as the Goddess expressing herself. The temple is one of the 52 Shakti Peethas of Hindu mythology and is a respected holy destination that draws thousands of pilgrims each year.

Best time to visit :- The best time to visit is all year round. Read more

23. Bir Billing: Paragliding

Bir Billing paragliding/Things to do in Dharamshala

One of the best things to do in Dharamshala is paragliding. This will be the highlight of your journey to Dharamshala. Bir Billing, about 65 kilometers from Dharamshala, is one of the best destinations in India for paragliding.

This place is well-known across the world for hosting the world’s first paragliding world cup, and visitors from all over come to experience one of India’s best paragliding sessions. Paragliding, one of the best things to do in Dharamshala, is a divine reward after a two-hour trip to Bir Billing.
Best time to visit :- The best time to visit Bir Billing is during the spring and summer months, which typically span from April to June and September to November.
Things To Do In Bir-Billing: Paragliding, Trekking, Camping, Skiing

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24. Masrur: Explore The Rock Cut Temples

Masrur: Explore The Rock Cut Temples/Things to do in Dharamshala

Masrur is a well-known archaeological site with gorgeous rock-cut temples that will capture your attention. The temples are stunning and provide a glimpse of Indo-Aryan art.

Observe and marvel at the rich intricacies of the temple structures, and take photos for memories.

Best time to visit :-
The best time to visit is all year round.
Location: Kangra,Himachal Pradesh

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25.  St John’s Church

St John’s ChurchThings to do in Dharamshala
The church, also known as The Church in the Wilderness, is an important component of Dharamshala’s culture. The church was built in 1852 and features distinctive Neo-Gothic architecture.

The chapel looks like something out of a movie and will undoubtedly captivate you. There, seek your blessings and relish the beauty. Location: Road to Naddi Village from McLeod Ganj, McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 176215

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26. Cycling: Fun Around The Town

Cycling in Dharamshala, one of the top activity to do in Dharamshala
Staying active while on vacation sounds like a fantastic idea, and it’s even better when you’re riding through the Himalayas. Cycling/mountain riding is one of the best activities to do in Dharamshala if you like to explore at your own leisure.

The most of the roads in town are well-maintained, and because network issues are nearly non-existent, you may use GPS to locate the best routes throughout town.

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27. Cafes in Dharamshala

Shiva Cafe in Mcleodganj, Best places to visit in Dharamshala
When you visit a new place, the first question that comes to mind is, “What is the famous food?” Dharamshala, a Tibetan colony since 1959, has a distinct culinary culture influenced by Tibetan foods. The entire menu is worth sampling, from freshly steamed momos to soupy Thukpas.

It is one of the most enjoyable activities in Dharamshala. Aside from Tibetan cuisine, did you know Dharamshala boasts the greatest Momos? Asking around will most likely lead you to Kirpal, Aanand, or Maximus vale Dai. Confused?? These are the stall proprietors who sell Dharamshala’s best momos. Do you doubt us? Simply ask around.Satisfy Your Hunger and Travel Anxiety! Cafes to Visit in Dharamshala.

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28. Visit Tea Gardens

Tea Gardens in Dharamshala/Things to do in Dharamshala
After water, tea is the world’s second most popular beverage. Tea is used by about 80% of the world’s population, and India is the world’s second largest producer of tea, producing 900,094 tonnes per year. Tea plantations on the Dharamshala-McLeod Ganj road can be visited in Dharamshala.

While not as huge as those in Assam or the North Eastern states, the plantations are large enough to keep one occupied for a couple of hours. The plantation mostly serves local export, i.e. consumption on the Indian Peninsula.  The fragrance mist of tea, combined with the lush vegetation all around, is enough to captivate and should be on your list of things to do in Dharamshala. Best time to visit :- The best time to visit is all year round.

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29. Galu Temple Trip

Galu temple in Dharamshala/Things to do in Dharamshala
Galu Devi is located in Mcleodganj at an elevation of 2,100 meters above sea level. A wonderful spot to take in the valley’s panoramic splendor. It is also the beginning place for the world-famous Triund Trek. Another plus for this location is that camping is permitted.

Stroll about the temple complex and meditate or simply sit quietly for a while, soaking in the peace and quiet. Take in the stunning majesty of the lush green cedars and crimson rhododendron as you continue your journey. While appreciating the amazing views from the summit, have a delicious packed lunch.

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30. Traditional Day at Dharamshala

Traditional Day at Dharamshala/Things to do in Dharamshala
Visit Dharamshala, a lovely town in northern Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra district, and spend a day immersed in the active country life. Stroll through Dharamshala’s markets and busiest districts to learn about the local economy.

Move your feet and learn about Dharamshala’s culture while watching the traditional dance. Dress yourself in traditional attire, pose for photos with the locals, and bring back a plethora of memories. Take a seat for a delicious meal including local cuisines, and then set aside some time to explore the forest-covered village on your own. If you’re lucky, you might find yourself strolling through village fairs and/or carnivals. This is unquestionably one of those events.

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31. Zipline in Dharamshala

Zipline in Dharamshala, one of the top activity to do in Dharamshala
In addition to the numerous streams and lakes that enhance the natural beauty of the area, Dharamshala offers a wild adrenaline rush to adventurers exploring the deodar cedar forest. The starting point for this activity would be Indrunag. You fly above the forest, wildlife habitats, and the beautiful sunset over the canopy of the jungle.

Ziplining is the finest exhilarating sport in Dharamshala that you must experience if you love adventure. Enjoy this exhilarating activity with a qualified and experienced instructor. Best Months to Visit: October to June

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32. Palampur Tea garden

Palampur tea garden/Things to do in Dharamshala
Surrounded by tea gardens and pine forests before merging with the Dhauladhar hills. Palampur is the tea capital of northwest India, although tea is only one of the attractions in the city. Its pleasant climate is due to the abundance of water and proximity to the mountains.

The name of the town comes from the local word palum, which means “a lot of water.” From Palampur, various streams run from the highlands to the lowlands. Palampur is distinguished for its use of vegetation and water. Palampur is located at the meeting point of the plains and the hills, and the scenery reflects this. Best time to visit :- Winters in the town are very harsh, thus one must visit the tea gardens during the comfortable and pleasant summer months.

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33. Thatharana Trek

Thatharana Trek, one of the top activity to do in Dharamshala
Thatharana hike is a relatively unknown hike in Himachal Pradesh. A Complete Guide to the Thatharana Trek is available here. With a spectacular 360-degree panorama of Kangra Valley and an exciting route, it ranks as one of the best-unexplored treks. If you dislike crowded treks where there is more noise than calm, keep reading our site because we offer the ideal trek that you may have been seeking for.

It is a 5km hike but do not underestimate the distance because the trek is a bit difficult and will take you 3 to 5 hours to complete depending on your endurance and capacity. The difficulty would be moderate, but it would not be justified to say it was a piece of cake. It is true that the nicest sights come after the most difficult ascent. Best time to visit :- The best months to visit the Thatharana trip are April to May and October to November, when there is less chance of rain or snow and the temperature is comfortable.

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34. Pong dam

Pong dam/Things to do in Dharamshala

Pong Dam Lake (also known as Maharana Pratap Sagar) is a man-made reservoir built by the construction of the Pong Dam on the Beas River in the wetland zone of the Shivalik hills in Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra district. The Pong Dam was built in 1975 and is India’s highest earth fill dam.

The lake’s catchment area is 12562 square kilometers, while the lake’s overall geographical area is 207 square kilometers, mostly up to 1410 feet. In 2002, Pong Dam Lake was declared a Ramsar site under Ramsar criteria 5 and 8. The lake has been home to about 420 bird species from 56 different groups.
This wetland has everything that children, students, authors, poets, saints, environmentalists, anglers, visitors, adventurers, and sportsmen need. This lake is considered to be one of the best Bird’s Paradise in the world. Pong Dam Lake Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the shores of Pong Dam Lake. Activities: Bird Watching, Camping, Short Trekking, Spiritual tours
Best time to visit :- Winter is the greatest time to visit the Pong Dam. It is the season when the migrating bird population is at its peak.

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35. Toy Train

Toy Train Pathankot to Palampur/Things to do in Dharamshala
A toy train ride, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most popular attractions in Palampur. The train travels between Palampur and Pathankot, taking you on a mountainous ride through beautiful green woods, glistening waterfalls, and meandering rivers.

While you will undoubtedly enjoy the scenic panoramas along the journey, you will also pass through small settlements and experience the rural way of life in the hills. Best time to visit :- The best time to visit and enjoy this picturesque ride is during the spring and summer months, which typically fall between March and June.

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36. Saurabh Van Vihar

Saurabh Van Vihar/Things to do in Dharamshala
The Saurabh Van Vihar is a nature park dedicated to the brave and valiant soldier Saurabh Kalia, who was killed in the Kargil War. This lovely and attractive tourist attraction is located on the banks of the snow-fed Neugel Khad in the town of Kwat and spans 13 kilometers. Saurabh Van Vihar is about 4 kilometers from Palampur and is a wonderful area to visit for a calm weekend vacation.

The natural park provides a panoramic view of the Dhauladhar Range and is home to a diverse range of plants, trees, and birds, which add to the park’s attractiveness and draw visitors from all around. Entry Fee :- INR 20 per person Best time to visit :- The best time to visit is all year round but check the weather during monsoon.

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37. Gopalpur Zoo (Palampur)

Gopalpur Zoo Palampur/Things to do in Dharamshala

It is located in the beautiful Kangra Valley and is a must-see for all visitors. The zoo, which is flanked by the Dhauladhar Ranges, is a must-see in Kangra.

Best time to visit :- The best time to visit is all year round

Things to do in Dharamshala in November: – In November, Dharamshala, nestled in the scenic Himalayan foothills, offers a delightful array of activities for visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the must-try things to do in this beautiful town.
Things to do in Dharamshala in December: –  In December, Dharamshala, nestled in the stunning Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, offers a magical and serene experience for travelers. Here are some delightful things to do in Dharamshala during this wintry month.

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People also ask about Things To Do In Dharamshala

Get in touch with our Travel Expert
Get in touch with our Travel Expert

Have the most memorable trip possible by participating in the most enjoyable Dharamshala activities. Take a look at the specifics.

Paragliding – This sport is well-known for its natural hilly terrain.
Triund Trek – This trek is well-known for its breathtaking views of the Dhauladhar Mountains and Kangra Valley.
Camping – This area is well-known for its gorgeous contours and mountainous terrain.
Kareri Lake Trek – Known for its lush greenery and diverse flora.
Dharamshala’s Traditional Day – Known for delicious lunches featuring traditional foods.

You can reach Dharamshala by air, road, or train. The nearest airport is Gaggal Airport, while well-connected highways and a railway station at Kangra ensure smooth travel.

The months of February through June are ideal for visiting Dharamshala. it is the time of year when temperature does not rise above 25 degrees Celsius. The valley is especially beautiful during this time of year because the flowers are in full bloom and it is fairly lovely. Furthermore, the trekking paths are open, making it a great time for trekkers to explore Dharamshala.

Absolutely! Dharamshala offers a range of thrilling activities, such as paragliding, trekking, and camping. Triund, Bir Billing, and Indrahar Pass are some of the best destinations for adventure enthusiasts.

Yes, Dharamshala offers various trekking opportunities, including the Triund Trek, Indrahar Pass Trek, and Kareri Lake Trek.

Yes, Dharamshala is a hub for spiritual seekers, with numerous meditation centers and monasteries, such as Tushita Meditation Center and Gyuto Monastery.

Dharamshala offers a mix of Indian and Tibetan cuisine. You can try momos, thukpa, and Tibetan butter tea along with North Indian dishes.

Explore Tibetan culture by visiting the Tibetan Museum, attending teachings by the Dalai Lama, and walking through the Tibetan markets.

Shop for Tibetan handicrafts, clothing, jewelry, and souvenirs in the local markets and around McLeod Ganj.

You can take day trips to Kangra Fort, Palampur, and Dal Lake,Chamunda devi temple all of which are within a reasonable distance from Dharamshala.

Dharamshala is good for peaceful nature and Tibetan culture. Manali is better for adventure and bustling markets. It depends on what you like.

The ideal amount of time to spend in Dharamshala depends on your interests and what you want to do. For a basic visit to explore the main attractions, 2 to 3 days can be sufficient.  It’s best to plan your stay according to your preferences and the activities you want to enjoy.

Dharamshala is usually safe for girls, but it’s important to take regular safety precautions, like staying in well-lit areas and avoiding late-night solo walks. Be respectful of local customs and dress modestly.

Dharamshala is definitely worth visiting if you enjoy natural beauty, Tibetan culture, and serene surroundings. It’s a peaceful place with beautiful landscapes, monasteries, and trekking opportunities.

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Gagan Garg
Gagan Garg
It was fun planning my first planned holiday with Pluto. They have very reliable links in local areas. Nitin was my POC for the trip and he managed it so well that every small request and query had the fastest solution and response. I will highly recommend him and will plan my next trip through his dedicated work. Altaf(driver) in Srinagar was very well mannered and entertaining. He was dedicated to best customer service and no doubt he achieved it all the way. I requested for hotel upgrade and it was handled quickly on last minute. I highly recommend Pluto and their services for planned holidays. Ask for Nitin and Altaf(if in Srinagar).
Pradeep Choudhary
Pradeep Choudhary
It was very great experience with Pluto tours Travels. Friendly nature with tourists everyone should be experience with Pluto travels. Helping And Guiding At Every Point on Trip. Ambience was Good like food, Breakfast,Dinner,& Rooms are clean. And they make us my memorable memories Thank You to Pluto Travels & Specially to Nitin to help n Guiding In everything 😊😊 thank you so much ❤️❤️
Padman Patel
Padman Patel
Very good services good staf food is berry testy. Thnx nitin sir
Klirmina Bongrungpi
Klirmina Bongrungpi
Nice experience with Pluto they organised our tour. we all are from Assam and Pluto gave us a reasonable and budgetable tour tq Pluto ....
ashutosh mishra
ashutosh mishra
Tour was good, initial experience was not good with the tour operator, I had asked for aura grand hotel with early check in, at the time of finalising the plan and making the payment, they were saying that we will get the aura grand hotel in Amritsar. But at last moment same hotel was not provided and they forced us to check-in in their own property which is Diamond Villa in Amritsar which was not so good. Mr. Vikram Rana tried fooling till last moment, Mr. Anurag also not provided correct information about the hotel booking. However our driver Mr. VINAY (BUNTY) was very good. Mr. Nitin of Pluto helped very well in executing the trip in good manner.

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