Activities in Manali

Activities in Manali

Before packing your bags and travelling to the lovely hill station, you might want to be aware of the various things to do in Manali. Manali is a popular vacation resort for those who wish to partake in adventurous pursuits and explore beautiful natural settings.

You will have the opportunity to simultaneously enjoy tranquilly and excitement when you are here. Here is a list you can use as a guide if you’re wondering what more there is to do in Manali than look out over the mountainous meadows.

Shop for local goods while strolling down the mall road, go on a walk to Prashar Lake or Bijli Mahadev for an exhilarating sense of adventure, treat yourself to authentic art exhibits at Naggar Castle or just indulge in adrenaline-pumping river rafting activities! The list is lengthy and contains enough items to turn your trip into a bouquet of treasured memories.

Top Activities in Manali

1. Fly around Manali while paragliding

Paragliding in the Himalayan sky is an exhilarating experience, and it offers a unique perspective on Manali. Gliding above snow-capped peaks, a clear blue sky, and enchanted views of the valleys all around you will be an adventure of a lifetime. Participate in this great activity under the direction of a qualified instructor to make sure it is an unforgettable adventure!

The activity’s details

  • The entire process lasts around an hour from start to finish. The gliding duration is between 5 and 10 minutes.
  • Stop at the Dobhi paragliding booth on the Kullu-Manali Highway. Get picked up and have an exciting jeep ride to the take-off location, which is located at an altitude of about 8000 feet.
  • After being briefed on the dos and don’ts of the activity, head to the takeoff area and get ready for the flight.
  • Get a breathtaking view of the Himalayan highlands all around by taking off from Manali’s highest gliding point.
  • A qualified instructor will be with you at all times to ensure your safety throughout the trip.

2.Kullu River Rafting

The magnificent mountains, verdant woods, and plenty of adventure activities make Kullu-Manali a well-liked vacation spot. One of these adventure activities that takes place on the Beas river is river rating. Get ready for an exhilarating river rafting trip. You will experience six different types of rapids along the river during the expedition. Enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience of river rafting in the Himalayan waters.

The activity’s details

  • The activity runs from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and lasts for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • After getting picked up from the pickup location by a Maruti Omni or a comparable vehicle, arrive at the rafting location.
  • Before and throughout the activity, get to know the instructor who will guide you.
  • Start the rapids at grade 1 as you begin this activity. With minimal water turbulence and being close to the following rapid, this has the fewest risks.
  • In comparison to the grade before it, the grade 2 water stream is quite difficult, thus it is advised that you prepare thoroughly with all of your ropes because the rapids are more difficult at this level.
  • Once they reach Grade 3, you’ll be battling foamy white waves. For your raft, grade 4 waves will be unpredictable, protracted, and swift.

3.Experiences with Camping at Tree Stays in Kullu

Because the Tree Stays campgrounds are tucked away in the Himachal’s natural magnificence, they offer guests a full traditional and innovative camping experience. Maintain your calm while admiring the beautiful, lush, green surroundings with snow-capped mountains.

Here, you will be provided with a selection of completely waterproof tents as well as rain covers in case of significant downpours. The interior of the campgrounds is adorned with three side transparent windows and serene lighting so that visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views of their surroundings.

To make the most of your camping experience, indulge in some of Himachal’s delectable traditional cuisine. Participate in a variety of enjoyable activities, such as bonfires, dancing and music nights, and strenuous excursions, to cap off your trip in style.


  • Enjoy a romantic bonfire night with your loved ones while listening to great music and feeling great.
  • Dance and music: For your pleasure, Tree Stays offers you a fantastic dance and music environment.
  • Trekking: Explore a magnificent trekking track in the Great Himalayan National Park with your adventure-loving supporters.

4.Manali Hot Air Balloon Ride

A fun and exciting sport to partake in in Manali is hot air ballooning. Because of the stunning vistas it gives, engaging in this activity at this lovely tourist hill station makes it much more alluring. Begin this thrilling adventure in Manali with your friends, and then soar higher with them while you enjoy the experience by snapping pictures and capturing the breathtaking bird’s eye view from 100 feet above the ground.

The activity’s details

  • After receiving the activity briefing, travel to the activity location in Manali and prepare for the activity.
  • Take advantage of this hot air balloon ride in Manali to take in the breathtaking scenery from 100 feet in the air.
  • Five people can fit inside the balloon at once.
  • Start this adventure and soar through the air for about ten minutes with your friends.
  • Take in the bird’s eye view of this lovely hill station as well as the panoramic vistas of the snow-covered Alps.
  • Hot air ballooning in Manali is managed by knowledgeable and experienced guides who have all the necessary safety precautions in place for the trip.
  • Take images to save these memories from the activity and round off this pleasant encounter.

5. Manali Igloo Accommodation

This campground is positioned at a tremendous altitude of almost 10,000 feet above sea level, snugly tucked in the snow-capped mountains of the mystical Sethan valley. There are white sheets covering the entire area, and mountains can be seen all about. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind and breathtakingly beautiful stay at an igloo. This activity is a must-do for everyone looking for the comfort of the snow and cold, with excellent meals and a variety of snow-related activities.

  • There are 6 igloos that can accommodate up to a maximum of 4 people at once and provide amenities like mattresses, cosy blankets, and shared bathrooms.
  • From the comfort of your campground, take in the breathtaking sunrise and views of the snow-capped mountains.
  • The campground has a variety of outdoor activities, including skiing, building snowmen, tube slides, and slide rides.
  • Spend the evening with family and friends around a bonfire while listening to music.
  • The campground has designated parking spaces where guests may leave their automobiles.
  • Snowshoes and a snow dress (jumpsuit) will be given out upon check-in.
  • For bathing, hot water is supplied.

6.Local Sightseeing Tour in Manali

The northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh contains the high-altitude Himalayan town of Manali. Set out on a private sightseeing tour of Manali with your loved ones. To visit popular tourist attractions including the Hidimba Devi Temple, Tibetan Monastery, Mall Road, Vashisht Village, and more, reserve a sedan or an SUV. You can pay extra to participate in adventurous activities like ziplining, ropeways, and river crossings.

  • Get picked up in your private vehicle at the hotel if it is less than 5 kilometres from the Volvo bus stop.
  • According to your needs, you can reserve a sedan or an SUV for the tour.
  • This 4-5 hour excursion will take you through Manali, where you may enjoy the stunning mountain views with your loved ones.
  • Visit tourist hotspots like the Clubhouse, Mall Road, Vashisht Temple, Tibetan Monastery, and Hidimba Devi Temple.
  • Consider spending extra money on adventurous activities like ziplining, ropeways, and river crossing.
  • A qualified driver/guide will be by your side the entire time.

7.Skiing In Manali 

Visit the breathtaking Solang Valley or Solang Nallah to experience the impact that snow has on Manali. The valley, a popular location for zorbing and paragliding, also serves as a snowy resort in the winter, drawing tourists who want to try Manali skiing. Views of Mount Ladakh, Mount Hanuman Tibba, and Mount Friendship will take your breath away. As you enjoy skiing with your friends, create great memories.

  • Arrive at the activity location in Manali’s Solang Valley and meet your instructors.
  • You will be introduced to all the tools required for this experience, along with the best practises for using them, by the qualified professionals and educators.
  • In the snowplough positions, you’ll practise balancing, turning, and skiing downward before putting all of your knowledge to the test.
  • The pleasure of gliding on thick snow sheets in the valley is yours to experience as you are brought to a higher hill in the valley.
  • Return to the starting point to cap off your skiing in Manali adventure in style.

8. ATV Ride in Manali 

Take an amazing ATV ride in the breathtaking Solang Valley with your loved ones. You’ll get an adrenaline rush as you ride over the challenging snow, mountains, streams, gravel, and dirt roads of the valley. You will be provided with the necessary equipment, and a competent instructor will be on hand to help, to assure your safety while participating in sports. So So come along with us for this unforgettable adventure to make lots of memories.

The activity’s details

  • Get ready for an exhilarating ATV riding trip in the tranquil Solang Valley as you arrive at the activity location.
  • Arrive at the meeting location to select your favourite ATV bike for the trip across the Solang valley.
  • Before your journey begins, you will receive instruction from a knowledgeable teacher who will show you how to drive the vehicle and explain you about the route.
  • Riding your ATV bike on a 1.5 KM training course will help you have a better understanding of the vehicle and the route you will go.
  • It’s time to enjoy off-roading on your preferred bike while traversing the breathtaking Solang Valley.
  • Observe the splendour of the sparkling stream and take a moment to unwind by the majestic Beas River.
  • Come along to this fun pastime with your loved ones to create innumerable memories of the journey.

9. Ziplining In Manali

Take part in this thrilling and protracted ziplining journey in Solang Valley, which will put your strength, balance, and coordination to the test. Participate in a variety of ziplining activities to experience the breathtaking 100-foot-high vistas of the Beas River and mountains. By purchasing this package, you can have some enjoyable time with your family.

The activity’s details

  • Following the commencement of the tour, you will arrive at the activity area, where the professionals will brief you on the tasks.
  • Participate in a thrilling ziplining adventure, soar 100 feet in the air, and take in the view.
  • You will always be under the supervision of a trained instructor.
  • To have the best experiences, zipline with your buddies.
  • After a safe landing to conclude the activity, savour the experience’s recollections.

10. Horse Riding in Manali

In the stunning Solang Valley in Manali, which is well-known for its adventure activities, learn about one of the oldest modes of transportation. Join this amazing hour-long horseback riding adventure that will take you through the picturesque landscapes of Himachal Pradesh. The 3 mile ride to Dhundi offers a pleasant excursion through the stunning scenery of the Himachal Valley.

The activity’s details

  • Visit Solang Valley in Manali this vacation with your family and friends for a memorable adventure.
  • When you get there, find your instructor and ask them to give you instructions for the exercise.
  • Start your equestrian adventure right away with a guide who will show you around and help you discover the breathtaking Solang Valley.
  • Enjoy the stunning scenery of the valley while riding the horse, which includes lovely mountains, a lovely stream, and lush flora or snow depending on the season.
  • At two of the activity’s main stops, you will be given a 5-minute pause to unwind.
  • So, join us and spend a fun-filled day in the Solang Valley with your loved ones.


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