Best Things to Do in Kargil for an A Memorable Experience

Kargil, situated in the Ladakh region of India, is a beautiful and serene place that is known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and adventure activities. If you are planning to visit Kargil, there are plenty of things to do that will make your trip an unforgettable experience.
One of the most popular things to do in Kargil is to visit the Kargil War Memorial, which is dedicated to the brave soldiers who lost their lives during the Kargil War. The memorial is a beautiful tribute to the soldiers and is a must-visit place for anyone who wants to pay their respects and learn about the history of the war.

Another great thing to do in Kargil is to explore the local culture and traditions. You can visit the local markets and shops to buy traditional handicrafts, clothing, and souvenirs. You can also attend local festivals and events, which provide a great opportunity to learn about the local culture and traditions.

For adventure enthusiasts, Kargil offers a range of activities such as trekking, mountaineering, and river rafting. You can trek to some of the most beautiful and remote regions of the Himalayas, climb some of the highest peaks in the region, or go river rafting in the Zanskar River.

If you are interested in history and architecture, you can visit the many monasteries and ancient forts that are located in and around Kargil. These structures are not only beautiful and impressive, but they also provide a glimpse into the rich history of the region.
Lastly, you can simply relax and enjoy the tranquillity and natural beauty of Kargil. With its stunning landscapes, clear blue skies, and fresh mountain air, Kargil is the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Overall, Kargil is a beautiful and fascinating destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you are interested in history, culture, or adventure, or simply want to unwind and enjoy nature, Kargil is worth a visit. Kargil Trip Package.

Top 8 Things to Do in Kargil

1. Zanskar Valley

Zanskar Valley Things to do in Kargil

The Zanskar Valley offers breathtaking views of alpine lakes and snow-capped hills. This location, which is in the Ladakh district, has a lot of sights to view. Trekking from Padum to Kishtwar is a fascinating way to visit the Zongkhul Monastery.

Take a tour of the historic castle Zangla, which has a church within. You’ll also be in awe of the breathtaking scenery from the Penzella Pass. Explore a human community on a village tour at Karsha, this holy land. Visit the Panikhar and enjoy more stunning views from Panikhar. 

2. Drass Valley

Drass Valley Things to do in Kargil

The Drass Valley, located in the Kargil District of Jammu & Kashmir, is commonly referred to as the Ladakh gateway. Drass was heavily involved in the infamous Kargil War. The war between India and Pakistan began in 1999 when the Pakistani Army began dumping shells in Drass and the nearby villages. After India eventually retook Drass and other areas within the grounds, Drass was designated as a Kargil War memorial.

Situated 3230 meters above sea level on the Leh-Kargil National Highway, Drass is tucked away amid snow-capped peaks. The starting point of Drass Valley is Zojila Pass. The locals are known as the guards of Ladakh’s doorway because they continued to defend the valley even when the region’s most severe winter weather struck. The people who live in the valley have a reputation for saving the lives of lost tourists who attempt to cross the pass by foot on snow-covered paths. They have also stayed behind to deliver goods for trade despite the bitter weather. Drass is known as the starting point for the three-day hike through the Suru Valley.

3. Kargil War Memorial

Kargil War Memorial Things to do in Kargil

A popular tourist destination in Kargil War Memorial honours the valiant troops who gave their lives to defend their nation against adversaries. This location serves as a memorial for the victims of the horrific 1999 Kargil War. See the war museum, which tells the tale of war from the perspective of a soldier.

4. Suruli Kund

Suruli Kund Things to do in Kargil

Suruli Kund, a tranquil trekking area in Kargil, enchants adventurers. This walk, which follows the Suru River, offers panoramic views while meandering through verdant valleys and meadows covered with bright wildflowers. With snow-capped peaks framing the scenery, the drive to Suruli Kund exposes nature’s beauty. Trekkers tackle difficult terrain, rewarded by the peacefulness of the glacier pond at the peak. The calm waters reflect the surrounding Himalayan majesty, inviting periods of quiet reflection. Suruli Kund’s pristine beauty and serene mood make it a renowned destination for trekkers seeking solace in Kargil’s stunning countryside.

5. Nun Kun Peaks

Nun Kun Peaks Things to do in Kargil

Nun Kun Peaks, a beautiful mountain massif in Kargil, entices adventurers with its towering magnificence. Nun and Kun, two spectacular Himalayan peaks, provide a demanding yet rewarding playground for mountaineers and climbers. These peaks, which rise beautifully above the landscape, entice thrill-seekers with their steep faces and icy obstacles. Scaling these peaks is a test of ability and stamina that promises breathtaking views and a sense of achievement atop the world. The Nun Kun Peaks exemplify Kargil’s rough beauty and entice adventurers looking for the ultimate conquest in the middle of nature’s tough yet beautiful environment.

6. Shargole Monastery

Shargole Monastery Things to do in Kargil

Shargole Monastery in Kargil is a beautiful destination spiritual retreat that embodies the essence of old Buddhist history. This old monastery, nestled among stunning panoramas, is a monument to Ladakh’s cultural richness. Its beautiful architecture and vibrant murals surround the serene halls, providing visitors with a glimpse into centuries-old traditions and teachings. Pilgrims and seekers of peace find consolation in its beautiful settings, while the monastery’s serene environs foster introspection and spiritual contemplation. Shargole Monastery, with its spiritual resonance and cultural significance, is a treasured gem in Kargil, welcoming people to immerse themselves in its timeless knowledge and peaceful acceptance.

7. Stargazing

Stargazing Things to do in Kargil

In Kargil, stargazing reveals a heavenly splendour remote from city lights. Its distant location in the Himalayas provides a clear view of the night sky. The heavens are painted with ethereal splendour as visitors are exposed to a stunning panorama of stars, constellations, and the Milky Way. The fresh mountain air adds to the experience, inviting reflection beneath a blanket of glittering stars. The quiet nights in Kargil attract stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts, allowing the first time to interact with the cosmos and observe the utter beauty of the universe in its unadulterated glory, whether by a campfire or atop a hill.

8. Kargil Regional Cuisine

Kargil Regional Cuisine Things to do in Kargil

Kargil’s unique cuisine features an excellent mixture of tastes that are deeply rooted in its culture. It offers a broad menu of tasty meals inspired by Tibetan and Central Asian culinary traditions. Thukpa, a substantial noodle soup, and Momos, steamed dumplings loaded with savoury delight, staple delicacies that highlight the local flavour. Skieu, a nourishing stew, and Chutagi, a soothing pasta dish, illustrate the region’s diverse culinary traditions. Ingredients like barley, yak meat, and dairy ingredients contribute to Kargil’s particular flavour. Exploring its flavours not only pleases the palette but also takes you on a savoury trip to the core of this unique region’s culinary character.


Kargil is a lovely and peaceful location with a diverse choice of activities and experiences. Kargil has something for everyone, from discovering local culture and traditions to climbing and mountaineering, and from visiting the Kargil War Memorial to simply resting and enjoying the natural beauty of the country. Kargil is well worth a visit if you are interested in history, and adventure, or simply want to unwind and rejuvenate yourself. So, organize a vacation to Kargil and discover the enchantment of this lovely destination for once!

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People also ask about Things to do in Kargil

It is one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Typically, bicyclists seeking an unobstructed view or those interested in road-tripping travel across Zozila pass to reach Leh. Kargil is the lucrative pit station at the end of the route that allows you to halt for the night and acclimate.

Hunderman, a sleepy village set among the rugged peaks of Kargil, is home to a unique ‘Museum of Memories’ that recounts the lives of border families. The strategically important Himalayan hamlet, once an outpost on the old Silk Route, has seen numerous battles and four wars with Pakistan.

Mulbekh Monastery, Drass War Memorial, Kargil Main Street, Suru Basin, Trekking, and Lamayuru Monastery are the prominent attractions in Kargil.

There is no need for tourists to be interested in the dress code in Kargil.

State Bank Gali in Kargil, located off the main road, in front of the Naginain Hotel, main market, has a range of pashmina shawls, cotton clothes, and Tibetan woollen handmade sweaters. It is located directly across from the State Bank of India, near the major Kargil bazaar.

Kargil is best visited between April and June. The sun shines brightly and keeps the day’s temps warm. Also, keep in mind that the sun here has the power to turn your skin dark if you don’t apply a strong (50+ SPF) sunscreen.

People make thukpa, popot (grain soup), hrtsrap khur (leavened bread), mar-khur, azoq (deep fried bread), poli (buckwheat pancakes), curd, suggoo (kash or pachae), and other Indian dishes.

Captain Vikram Batra’s valour and contribution to India’s victory in the Kargil conflict earned him the country’s highest gallantry award, the Param Vir Chakra.

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