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Discover the Adventure Capital: Exciting Things to Do in Leh Ladakh

Leh has a wealth of things to do and places to  places to visit in Leh Ladakh  include trekking to the stunningly beautiful Markha Valley, seeing historic monasteries like Hemis, Thikse, and Alchi, and taking part in an exhilarating rafting trip on the Zanskar River. Along with shopping in the neighbourhood markets and sampling the delectable regional fare, you can also take in the distinctive cultural customs of the Ladakhi people. Leh is also well-known for its breathtakingly gorgeous scenery, so make sure to spend some time admiring the area’s
natural splendour.

Exploring The Top 25 Things to Do in Leh Ladakh

1. Hemis Festival Fascinating Markets

Hemis Festival Things to do in Leh

Witnessing the vibrant Chhams performed by the Llamas is one of the highlights of a vacation to Ladakh. If you haven’t witnessed the dance drama with its colourful costumes and menacing masks, you haven’t experienced the true essence and magnetism of Ladakh. Come to the Hemis Festival of Ladakh Festival and let the vibrant dances enthral you.

Where: Monastery of Hemis
When: From July 11 to July 12.
Highlight: The Chham Dance is a well-known dance in which participants wear masks and represent the triumph of good over evil.
Three to four hours are needed.
Cost on average: N/A

2. Discover A Snow Leopard in Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park Best Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh

Anything in the world is as beautiful as seeing a snow leopard, which is seen in very few areas. Discover the stunning creature by going on a snow leopard hike in the Hemis National Park, one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Ladakh. The park is home to more than 200 snow leopards, which are only visible in the winter.

Where: Park Hemis
When: In the summertime
Highlights: National Park Hemis
Three to four hours are needed.
Cost on average: INR 500

3. Enjoy the Bactrian Camel Safari, Hunder.

Bactrian Camel Safari, Hunder Things to do in Leh

The third choice for things to do in Leh Ladakh is riding the double-humped Bactrian camels at the Hunder dunes, which are situated near the incredibly picturesque Shyok and Nubra Rivers. This was a necessary component of the caravans that plied the historic trading route.

Where: Hunder

When: from June to September, the summer season

Highlight: the breathtaking scenery you’ll see as you go from Hunder to Turtuk

Two to three hours are needed.

Cost on average: INR 200

4. Visit the World's Highest Cafeteria at Khardungla Pass!

World's Highest Cafeteria at Khardungla Pass! Things to do in Leh

The world’s highest cafeteria, Maggi Point, is one of the distinctive attractions of Ladakh. Even though you’ve eaten this noodle everywhere you can, you haven’t experienced true enjoyment until you take in the 2-minute noodle while watching the Himalayan ranges at Khardung La Pass, one of the world’s highest motorable routes.


Where: Pass Khardungla
When to visit Khardungla Pass: April through June and September through October are the finest times to go.
Highlight: You should visit this location just because Khardungla Pass is the world’s highest motorable road.Five to six hours are needed.
Cost on average: INR 500

5. Enjoy some Yak Cheese Momos!

Yak Cheese Momos! Things to do in Leh

The yak that grants wishes provides the nomads with milk, butter, and meat for their table. You won’t find cheese made from yak milk anywhere else in the nation. Try it in its native form or as the delectable Yak cheese momos, which is also known as Chhurpi. This must unquestionably be on your list of activities in Leh Ladakh.

Location: Gesmo restaurant, Tall Fort Road, Opp. Hotel Yak, Leh, Jammu & Kashmir, 194101.

When: All year long

Standouts: Mouthwatering momos made with yak cheese

Two hours are needed.

Cost on average: INR 400

6. Expeditions in the Peaceful Mornings at Hemis Monastery

the-Peaceful-Mornings-at-Hemis-Monastery Things to do in Leh

Visit the stunning Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh in addition to the well-known tourist attractions; better yet, spend the night there! Experience the uplifting and revitalizing benefits of an overnight stay at Hemis Monastery, where you can participate in the early morning prayers. We heartily suggest it.

Where: Monastery of Hemis
When: Eight A.M.
Highlight: Observing morning prayers will be fascinating and a wonderful experience.
Two hours are needed.
Cost on average: N/A

7. The Spituk Gompa Trek is an adventurous adventure.

Spituk-Gompa-Trek Things to do in Leh

Perched atop a hill is the stunning old monastery known as Spituk Gompa. For those with a spirit of adventure, this is one of the most remarkable monasteries in Ladakh. With the crooked mountains encircling it, this spot appears to be quite a viewpoint.

Where: Jammu & Kashmir, Leh 194104
Highlight: From here, one can take in the tranquillity of the surroundings and a stunning perspective of the whole area.
Required time: two to three hours
Average price: not specified

8. Tso Moriri

Tso Moriri Things to do in Leh

A picnic at Tso Moriri may be a terrific notion if you’re searching for a spot to unwind and take in the amazing surroundings. Compared to the other lakes in Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary, this one is not very well-known. Nonetheless, it is thought to resemble the well-known Pangong Lake quite a bit. This lake is surrounded by beautiful hills and is around 100 feet deep.

When to Visit: Since this lake freezes in the winter, May, June, July, and August are thought to be the ideal times of year to visit.
Highlight: In addition to the hills, this area is home to several rare kinds of plants and animals.
Two hours are needed.
Cost on average: N/A

9. Namgyal Tsemo Monastery

Namgyal Tsemo Monastery Things to do in Leh

A visit to this monastery is essential if you want to learn more about Ladakh’s spiritual side. You will treasure the trip itself—getting to this monastery. The stunning mountains you’ll see along the route will add to the allure of the whole Leh Ladakh trip.  Numerous individuals visit this monastery in search of Buddhist wisdom.

Where: Ladakh’s Leh district
Highlight: This monastery is one of the greatest sites to visit because of its incredible vibes.
Two to three hours are needed.
Cost on average: N/A

10. Best For Stargazing Is Lamayuru

Stargazing-Is-Lamayuru Things to do in Leh

When: Both the summer and the monsoon seasons are suitable times to visit this community. It is advised, therefore, that you exercise caution during the rainy season due to the increased risk of landslides.

Highlight: Now would be a great time to go stargazing and have an unforgettable experience.
Two to three hours are needed.
Cost on average: N/A

11. Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek Things to do in Leh

Do you like to cross some ice sheets? If so, when visiting Ladakh for a vacation, embark on the Frozen River trek. The sensations of this walk are captivating, making it one of the most popular things to do in Ladakh. While strolling here, you will also be able to take in expansive views of frozen valleys, and the tranquil atmosphere will undoubtedly win you over. Among the best activities to do in Ladakh is this.

Where: Chadar

When: Throughout December

Highlight: Calm atmosphere and a frozen river

Six to eight hours are needed.

Average price: Supplies for the hike will cost INR 1,000.

12. Nubra Valley

Nubra-Valley Things to do in Leh

Travelling to Nubra Valley is another fascinating activity to do here. Situated approximately 140 kilometres away from Leh, the location is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and daring adventures. The valley is home to many stunning monasteries and can be reached by crossing the bustling Shyok and Nubra rivers. Due to its proximity to Siachen Base camp, the area is governed by military authority. Interesting Bactrian camel rides are another attraction at the location. 

Where: Valley of Nubra
When: From June until September
Highlights: Trekking, Bactrian camel rides, and scenic splendour
Three to four hours are needed.
Cost on average: N/A

13. Wander Through The Donkey Sanctuary

The-Donkey-Sanctuary Things to do in Leh

Is Not it unexpected to spend your vacation at Donkey Sanctuary? Though it might sound absurd, there are a lot of compelling reasons to explore the area. The sanctuary gives the elderly and ill donkeys in the area with medical attention and the physical environment necessary for a healthy lifestyle. 

Where: Leh Ladakh’s Khakshal Village
When: From June until October
Highlight: Despite animals being mocked, this facility offers you the opportunity to be friendly with them. 
One hour is needed.
Cost on average: N/A

14. Chemrey Monastery

Chemrey-Monastery Things to do in Leh

Almost 400 years ago, the beautiful Buddhist monastery known as Chemrey Monastery was founded in Ladakh. The two main attractions of this monastery, which is around 40 kilometres away from Leh, are the colossal statue of Padmasambhava and the ancient texts that have text embedded in gold and silver letters. It is renowned for its tranquil atmosphere and was started by Lama Tagsand Raschen. 

Where: Chemrey
When: From June until October
Highlights: Historic texts and the Statue of Padmasambhava
Two to three hours are needed.
Cost on average: N/A

15. Shanti Stupa Place of Worship

Shanti Stupa Place Things to do in Leh

One of the most famous Tibetan buildings in Leh, Shanti Stupa is renowned for both its exquisite architecture and natural beauty. Its white-dome structure is incredibly captivating, and it provides expansive views of the area. In the serene surroundings of this stupa, the location will undoubtedly provide you with a great chance to revitalize your soul. In 1991, Bhikshu Gyomyo Nakamura, a well-known Buddhist in Japan, founded the stupa. 

Where: Leh, Shanti Stupa Road
When: All year long
Highlights: The calm atmosphere and white-dome structure
Two hours are needed.
Cost on average: N/A

16. The Pathhar Sahib Gurudwara

Pathhar Sahib Gurudwara Things to do in Leh

The Gurudwara Pathhar Sahib is located en route from Leh to Sham Valley. With any luck, you will have time to sample the delectable langar cuisine. Dedicated to Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the location is a hallowed space exquisitely constructed to honour his trip to Ladakh. Tibetan pilgrims also frequent the location to worship Guru Gompa Maharaj, the place’s presiding deity.

Where: Phey, Jammu and Kashmir, NH 1D 194101
When: May through September (if there are no closed roads).
Highlight: Occasionally, delectable meals are served to Indian army men. If you saw that, you would be fortunate.
One hour is needed.
Cost on average: N/A

17. Tso Pangong

Tso Pangong Things to do in Leh

Enjoying the sunrise at Pangong Tso, or Pangong Lake, is one of the most amazing activities to do in Ladakh. Situated at an elevation of 14,270 feet above sea level, it provides an incredible sight. The Tibetan Autonomous Region contains the majority of the lake, which is thought to be 300 feet deep. An amazing sight, a wonderful work of nature’s artistry. You will be treated to a stunningly calm and chilly blue sky. One of the most breathtaking lakes in Ladakh is this one.

Where: Ladakh’s Leh
When: Earlier in the day
Highlight: It’s a breathtaking sight, with turquoise blue waves and surroundings. There’s nowhere special to stay here other than being encircled by nature. 
Four hours are needed.
Cost on average: N/A

18. Harvest Festival in Ladakh

Harvest Festival in Ladakh Things to do in Leh

This is a two-week-long annual event that typically takes place in September. During the celebration, a colourful procession leaves Leh and makes its way to Polo Ground. There are many ethnic performances, music, and ceremonial attire throughout this massive festival. Watching the lamas of the holy monasteries dance while wearing masks is much more enjoyable. Investigate a variety of competitions, such as polo, archery, and wedding celebrations.  Taking part in a celebration here is undoubtedly among the best places to visit Leh Ladakh 

Where: Leh

When: September

Highlight: Through theatre productions, folk dances, and musical performances, experience the vibrant traditions of Asia, Tibet, and North India.

Six to eight hours are needed.

Cost on average: N/A

19. Festival of Matho Nagrang

Festival of Matho Nagrang Things to do in Leh

The Matho Nagrang Festival is another famous event in Ladakh where you may experience the authentic spirit of Buddhism. Celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month of the Tibetan calendar, it is also known as the feast of the oracles. The monks dance while wearing masks and bright silk robes that represent different gods. Both the futures of the residents and the visitors are foretold by the oracles. One of the best things to do in Ladakh is to witness the celebration.

When: February
Where: Monastery Matho
Highlights: Two oracles come into the main courtyard with masked dancers following a full month of seclusion and meditation.
Three hours are needed.
Cost on average: N/A

20. Museum of Stok Palace

Museum of Stok Palace Things to do in Leh

Visit this museum to learn about the history and culture of the valley. Situated within the royal family’s private property, a little section of this massive museum is open to visitors. If you appreciate history, you can find priceless treasures and artefacts that are like heaven. Other exhibits consist of royal seals, jewellery, pictures, and outfits. Bows, swords, shields, and arrows are on display in a separate section dedicated to the battle memorials. Among the best things to do in Ladakh is this. The Stok Kangri Trek, one of the most well-known treks, is very near to the museum.

When: All year long
Where: 194101 Stok, Jammu & Kashmir
Highlights: Housed in a massive palace, this fascinating collection of the region’s history
One hour is needed.
Cost on average: INR 100

21. Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Things to do in Leh

Though it is in the epicentre of Indo-Pak hostilities, seeing this magnificent region and avoiding a war museum is something you should strive to add to your list of things to do. The Indian Army built the Hall of Fame Museum as a monument to the soldiers who lost their lives in multiple Indo-Pak battles throughout the years.  The museum is separated into two areas: one holds the armaments, ammunition, and weaponry on display, while the other area houses the army’s uniforms and living quarters during the conflicts.

When: All year long
Where: 194101 Leh, Jammu & Kashmir
Highlights: The exhibits freeze you to the bone and make you appreciate what the warriors have given up for their nation.
One hour is needed.
Cost on average: INR 500

22. Zorawar Fort

Zorawar Fort Things to do in Leh

A trip to Zorawar Fort in Leh would provide you with a breathtaking perspective of the entire city. When the Dogras and Sikhs seized control of the valley in the 1830s, it was constructed. A museum to explore has been added as part of the most recent renovations. This fort, constructed from local clay, sun-dried bricks, stones, and timber frames, is a source of pride for the entire area.

When: All year long
Where: 194101 Skara Road, Leh
Highlights: See the hardships the fort faced all over the battles with the Chinese 
Two hours are needed.
Cost on average: INR 500

23. Rafting the Rivers

Rafting the Rivers Things to do in Nubra Valley

Ready to take part in one of the top activities in Ladakh and unleash your inner adventure seeker? All thrill-seekers find river rafting to be a very alluring pastime, and Ladakh offers trails like Phey to Nimmo that will blow your mind away and satisfy your cravings. As you pass through charming towns and breathtaking monasteries—for which Ladakh is renowned worldwide—take in the splendour of this area. Observe what your guide says, and make an effort to stay safe while on the boat!

When: In August and June
Where: Nimmo to Phey
Highlights: The highlights of your journey will be the monasteries and communities you will pass through.
Three hours are needed.
Cost on average: INR 1,000

24. Leh Palace

Leh Palace Things to do in Leh

One of India’s most popular tourist destinations, Leh Palace was built in the 17th century by Sengge Namgyal, the monarch of Ladakh. Leh Palace will be on your itinerary if you wish to get a taste of what it was like to live like a royal. The royal family lived on the top storey of this nine-story palace, with the lower stories serving as stables and stores. A collection of jewellery, ceremonial gowns, and royal ornaments can be found in the palace’s museum.

When: 7 A.M. to 4 P.M.
Where: Leh, Jammu & Kashmir’s Namgyal Hill
Highlights: The palace’s museum, which houses all of the royal garments and valuables.
Three hours are needed.
Cost on average: INR 500

25. Camping

Camping Activities in Kargil

If you’re one of those travellers who prefer to stay in camps over hotels, then camping in a camp in Ladakh is among the coolest things to do. All you have to do to secure your stay in Ladakh is pick from a variety of camp settings that are available. One of the most well-known camps is Pangong Retreat Camp, which provides a glimpse of the tranquil Pangong Lake to all visitors. You can also stay in 100 Sky Camp, Double Humped Camp Hunder, and Nomadic Life Camp.

When: From May until October
Where: Pangong Lake and other lakes are among the several sites.
Highlights: The starry sky and the entertaining events planned by the camp proprietors.
Time needed: All night
Cost range: INR 1500–3000 on average


It’s Ladakh calling, so move quickly! Take advantage of these Ladakh activities if you can’t control your excitement and want to explore this beautiful country from the greatest viewpoints. The purest mountains with a dynamic cultural landscape are in store. Make sure
to book your Ladakh vacation with Pluto Tours first, though!

People also ask about Things to do in Leh Ladakh

Cotton clothing is one of the main products that Leh Main Market is famous for. Owing to the harsh weather, Leh residents have a tradition of making handwoven woollen clothing, which is currently one of Ladakh’s most sought-after indigenous goods.

The Ladakhi people’s basic foods are khambir (local bread), sattu-based Pava, and wheat-based Sku and Thukpa. Visitors can sample the flavorful Ladakhi cuisine, which includes the thick soup known as thukpa which is made with vegetables.

All visitors to Leh have to adjust for at least 48 hours before beginning their trek in the higher altitude regions of Leh, such as Khardung La, Pangong Lake, etc. Nevertheless, during the acclimatization phase, people might go to neighbouring parts of Leh town.

The summer months of April through July are the best times to visit Ladakh, when the temperature there ranges from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. Ladakh is renowned for having exceptionally low temperatures nearly all year round.

The main fruit trees in Ladakh are apricot and apple trees, which are extensively planted in the region’s milder lower regions, especially in Sham, Nubra, and Kargil. The apricots are traditionally sold in the markets of Leh and Kargil after being sun-dried on rooftops or on big stones.

In addition to taking paracetamol, you should drink a lot of water. Go to a lower altitude right once if your AMS symptoms are more severe. Use the oxygen cylinder you leased if you want to lessen your altitude sickness symptoms.

With an average daytime temperature of -3°C and an average nighttime temperature of -15°C in Leh, January is the coldest month. Even though it will be freezing, it is still worthwhile to think about visiting Ladakh in the winter to witness the majestic snow-covered Himalayan vistas and enjoy the exhilaration of strolling on a frozen lake.

If you desire important snowfall, you can schedule your trip for October onwards, however light snowfall typically begins in September during the second week of September. The two months with the most snowfall and extreme cold are December and January. When we visited Ladakh in the second week of August, there was a brief five-minute snowfall close to Changla Pass.

Patients without stable illness, intact left ventricular function without residual capacity, and above-normal exercise ability should not go to elevations of more than 3500 m. Due to the extreme hypoxia at these elevations, CHD patients should not go to elevations higher than 4500 m.

Located in the Ladakh region of the Indian Union, Ladakhi is a Tibetan language. In Leh’s predominantly Buddhist area, it is the most often spoken language. Despite belonging to the same family as Tibetan, Ladakhi cannot be understood by Standard Tibetan.

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