Unexplored Boh Valley (Kangra)

Unexplored Boh Valley (Kangra)

About Boh Valley

Boh village is located in the Himachal Pradesh (India) district of Tehshil Shahpur. It is called Boh. Shahpur is 26 kilometres away. On the national highway between Pathankot and Dharmshala is the town of Shahpur. The village is distinctive in many respects, despite the fact that it is not connected to any historical event.At this location, one can take in the swiftly shifting and calming hues of nature. You will forget all of your concerns thanks to the surrounding greenery and lose yourself in the splendour of mother nature.

Places To Visit In Unexplored Boh Valley (Kangra)

1. Sawarg Dwari Temple

From June to October, there is a sharp rise in foot traffic in Swaragdwari. Anyone can travel there via the Boh Valley path. From Boh Village, it takes approximately 4 hours to get to Swargadwari, . However, the paths are very breath-taking.

More danger exists along the journey from Boh. Recently, this footpath was rerouted for betterment and safety. It is perched atop the hill and encircled by a substantial devdar forest. Rhododendron plants are abundant both along the route and in Swargadwari.

2.Tal Mata Temple 

The Tahal Mata temple is a stunning structure made of white stones. Beautiful murals of the Lord Goddess are on display on the shrine’s walls. There are numerous stairs leading up to the temple from the main connection road.It is a temple.

From the top of this temple, which is situated on the hilltop, you can overlook the entire town.This holy sanctuary is made picturesque by the thick pinus forest that surrounds it.Hindu pilgrims who flock to this location in search of the holy goddess’ blessings are drawn to the temple.

3.Khabru Waterfall

From Boh village, we begin the journey to Khabru waterfall. From Boh village, a 3 mile walk leads to Khabru waterfall. At a leisurely pace, it takes 2 hours to get to the waterfall. After relaxing by the waterfall for a while, we hike back to Boh Village.

It has a mysterious vibe thanks to the abundant plants and fauna nearby. For bird watchers, the Boh Valley woodland is a good location. A campground is located close to the waterfall. A temple to Lord Shiva is located close to the Khabru waterfall. All throughout the year, locals visit this location for devotion, and it is also revered as a holy site by those in the entire interior belt upland of Shahpur.

4. Chamunda Mata Temple

One of the most revered religious sites in Boh Valley is Chamunda Devi Temple. The temple is devoted to Chamunda Devi, the goddess Durga’s wrathful form, and is known for its tranquil settings. In the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh’s Boh Valley sits the well-known Ma Chamunda temple. Boh Valley is around 1 km to the west. Devi granted the priest’s request in a dream appearance. She gave him instructions on where to dig in order to discover an old idol, which was then to be placed in the temple and worshipped as Her representation.

How To Reach Unexplored Boh Valley (Kangra)

By Air:-

The closest airport is located 13 km from Dharamshala at Gaggal. The Gaggal Airport connects Delhi and Dharamshala. Travellers from other regions of India would find it simpler to fly to Chandigarh and then reserve a taxi or bus (Himachal Roadways – HRTC is the state-owned road transport corporation of the state of Himachal Pradesh) for the remaining 275 kilometres to Mcleodganj.

By Train:

A train ride that lasts all night is a viable alternative to get to Dharamshala. The closest significant railway station is 85 kilometres distant in Pathankot. Many trains that travel to Jammu and Kashmir make stops in Pathankot. To get to Dharamshala/Mcleodganj from Pathankot, you can take a taxi or bus (Himachal Roadways, HRTC is the state-owned road transport corporation of the state of Himachal Pradesh).

By Bus:-

Dharamshala has excellent transportation options to Delhi and other regions of North India, including a network of state-run buses (HRTC) and private tour companies. The distance from Delhi is roughly 520 kilometres.

The majority of buses make their way to Lower Dharamshala’s main bus terminal before stopping, however certain public buses operated by the state-owned Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) travel all the way to McLeod Ganj’s central square. A 13-hour overnight trip from Delhi is possible.

Best Time To visit Unexplored Boh Valley (Kangra) 

Hikers return to Boh Village and afterwards take a drive back to Dharamshala after spending some time viewing the waterfall. The trek is categorised as easy and has a maximum elevation of 1900 metres. March through June and October through December are the optimum months to embark on this walk.











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