Things to do in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a charming little hills state in northeast India that has long been unknown to travellers. This home of the clouds, with its unparalleled natural beauty and breathtaking tourist attractions, is a veritable paradise. Meghalaya is a delightful state with unparalleled waterfalls, overwhelmed valleys, amazing caves, and ambrosial hills encircling lakes.  There are many captivating things to do in Meghalaya. Several of the state’s landmarks and tourist destinations are well-known worldwide. One such place is Mawsynram, which gained notoriety as the place with the most rainfall globally. The state’s capital, Shillong, is unparalleled in its beauty. Because of its breathtaking natural scenery, Shillong has been referred to as the Scotland of the East.

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Top Things to Do in Meghalaya for Thrill-Seekers

Meghalaya is one of India’s most breathtaking locations, and it provides an experience that’s hard to match. Meghalaya offers a wide range of activities that are just waiting for you to arrive. Here is a list of the best activities in Meghalaya adventures that one can participate in while vacationing in this stunning country surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, from kayaking on the cleanest river in India to exploring the cleanest hamlet in Asia.

1. Explore Mawsmai Cave

Mawsmai Cave, Things to do in Meghalaya

Mawsmai Cave in Meghalaya is one of the top tourist destinations close to Shillong and is very well-liked by visitors. Meghalaya’s amazing caves offer an exhilarating trip. The caverns are extremely narrow, deep, and gloomy. There is just one entrance and one exit point in the tough, unwelcoming landscape of the caves, making it an extremely challenging journey. Tourists frequently find this thrilling experience to be a little frightening, but they nonetheless go through with it because of the extreme rush it offers. The stunning, imposing stalagmite and stalactite formations in the cave, the unexpected experience, and the surge of adrenaline this adventure provides are what make it so well-liked by tourists. This is among the top activities in Meghalaya for December.

2. Explore Siju Cave

Siju Cave, Top things to do in Meghalaya

One of the nation’s earliest naturally occurring limelight caves is Siju Cave. Exploring Siju Caves is among the top things to do in Meghalaya. Among the breathtaking natural wonders of the state of Meghalaya are these lime formations that date back a century. Given the abundance of flying bats within, these are also referred to as “bat caves.” Discoverers and explorers alike find these breathtaking caverns unparalleled in their singularity. A fantastic site for adventurers to discover the hidden secrets of Siju cave.

3. Camping Around Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake picture , Top things to do in Meghalaya

 Meghalaya’s Umiam Lake is yet another marvel. Camping at the Island in Umiam Lake, which is well-known for adventure sports and as a picnic spot, will provide you with an amazing high. Numerous extreme activities are available, such as zip line, rock climbing, rappelling, and jeering. The lake is surrounded by gorgeous, lush green scenery and many large, old trees. With its calm surroundings, entertaining chirping birds, fresh air, and amazing houseboats in the lake, it’s the ideal place for a relaxed vacation.

4. Water Sports at Umiam Lake

Water Sports At Umiam Lake, Top things to do in Meghalaya

Enjoying the exuberant sports at Umiam Lake the best places to visit in Meghalaya. The lake is a breathtakingly beautiful natural setting. This large, open lake covers an area of ten square kilometres. Because of its enormous size, the lake is also widely recognized as Barapani in the region. If you enjoy adventure sports, particularly the water ones, this is one location to be. Adventures in skiing, water scooting, kayaking, and many other activities are available.

5. Explore Krem Liat Prah Cave

Krem Liat Prah, top things to do in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is home to countless natural treasures, some of which are still undiscovered, such as an endless number of natural caverns. The longest natural cave in India, Krem Liat Prah, is worth a visit if you enjoy caving or are enthralled with mystery. The cave is currently 34 kilometres long, but if new linked caves are found, its length is predicted to increase.

6. Trekking at Laitlum Canyon

Laitlum Canyon, top things to do in Meghalaya

The Laitlum Canyon in the Meghalayan highlands is a fantastic trekking destination. Throughout the entire Northeast, this excursion is among the most well-liked ones. Despite being brief, this hike is not among the easiest because of the challenging terrain and scenery. Unmatched blissful views abound along the hike, but those from the peak are particularly breathtaking and utterly satisfying. Since the walk may be finished in 4–5 hours, travellers adore this exciting experience. This gorgeous walk offers amazing views of the sunset and sunrise.

7. Walking along the David Scott Trail

David Scott Trail, Top things to in Meghalaya

One of the most well-known hiking routes in this area for visitors, climbers, and trekkers is the David Scott Trail. The trail got its name since it was found by renowned hiker David Scott. This 16-kilometer trail offers plenty of natural beauty and exciting experiences. You will pass by amazing views, lovely waterfalls, charming tribal settlements, and tall, lush green trees as you ascend higher. You will be astounded by the breathtaking elegance of the trail’s vistas of the hills and amazing valleys.

8. Trek To Bewildering Living Root Bridges

Bewildering Living Root Bridges, top things to do in Meghalaya

When we talk about the things to do in Meghalaya, one cannot forgot about the Living Root Bridges. Living Root Bridges Meghalaya is a stunningly beautiful, enigmatic wonder of India. You will be astounded by the breath-taking trip to this magnificent double-decker root bridge in Cherrapunji, also referred to as the “living root bridge.” One of the various activities available at Cherrapunji is trekking. You’ll be in complete amazement at this natural marvel, which is one of the most unusual tourist destinations. Trekking through the dark, lush green jungles to get to this amazing place is equally thrilling.At a height of 2400 feet, this live root bridge spans 3 km. It usually takes 7 hours for people to journey through Cherrapunji’s rainforest to the location of this well-known bridge.

9. Visit to Nokrek National Park

Nokrek National Park, top things to do in Meghalaya

There are a lot of best places to visit in Meghalaya for the thrill-seeker. Numerous locations are present in Meghalaya that attract wildlife and nature enthusiasts. One of the greatest tourist destinations in Meghalaya for exploring biodiversity is Nokrek National Park, which is listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Every day, a large number of visitors are drawn to the park by its profusion of plants and animals. Situated in West Garo Hills, the park is two kilometers away from Tura Peak. 

Red pandas are the park’s most famous inhabitants, but other notable animal species that call Nokrek National Park home include Asian elephants, marbled cats, and tigers. Furthermore, any birdwatcher will be delighted by the variety of birds that may be seen here.

10. Visit to Wah Kaba Falls

Wah Kaba Falls, top things to do in Meghalaya

You are never far from the natural world in Meghalaya. Another stunning waterfall in Meghalaya to join the list of breathtaking waterfalls is Wah Kaba Falls, which is situated 7.5 kilometres from Cherrapunji on the Shillong – Cherrapunji Road. During the monsoon, tourists and picnickers enjoy this seasonal waterfall. The fall, which drops from hundreds of meters into thick foliage, takes on a dreamlike appearance when clouds join the otherwise flawless natural composition. The waterfall is accessible via a short climb, making it a well-liked destination for those seeking adventure.

11. Trip to Mawphanlur Village

Mawphanlur Village, top things to do in Meghalaya

Mawphanlur village in Meghalaya is a remarkably charming place with heavenly natural beauty and incredibly kind locals. When you get to Traveler’s Nest, first explore the sacred groves in Mawphlang. To enjoy the breathtaking surroundings, you will adore strolling through Lum Symper, Mawten, Lum Kyllang, Lum Nohkrek, Rambrai, and Mawdoh.One of the nicest spots to unwind amid the village’s charming residents, lush, breathtaking environment, and crystal-clear sky. This place is full of vibrant colours, so you can play with the kids, enjoy some sun, buy local art and handicrafts, join the local markets, and drink some amazing hot tea. This location offers some amazing adventure sports as well. This place offers an abundance of activities, making it a highly sought-after tourist destination in Meghalaya.

12. Visiting Balpakram National Park

Balpakram National Park, top things to do in Meghalaya

Balpakram National Park’s diverse array of exotic flora and fauna, along with its breathtaking scenery, is sure to have a lasting effect on any visitor, whether they are a wildlife enthusiast or a nature lover. This 200 sq km lush wildlife park is situated close to Garo Hills in Meghalaya and is situated at an elevation of 3000 feet. 

In addition to tigers and elephants, Balpakram National Park is home to leopards, hillock gibbons, barking deer, and golden cats. Owing to certain urban legends, this park is often referred to as “The Land of Spirits.”

13. Trekking to Mawthadraishan Peak

Mawthadraishan Peak , Top things to do in Meghalaya

Mawthadraishan Peak, one of Meghalaya’s best tourist destinations, is situated on the northern side of the main route connecting Nongstoin and Shillong. This location is made even more lovely by the fish ponds at the summit. The summit is well-known among travellers for its expansive vistas. The Garo Hills can be seen to the west on clear days. From Mawthadraishan Peak, the Khasi Hills lie to the east, the Himalayas to the north, and Bangladesh to the south. The greatest approach to discovering the spirit of this location is to go on a trek.

14. Exploring Jaintia Hills

Jaintia Hills, top things to do in Meghalaya

It is a district that was formed in Meghalaya’s steep Jaintia Hills. It is well-liked by travellers because of its gorgeous hills, valleys, and plenty of tourist attractions all within its boundaries. West Jaintia Hills, 75 km from Shillong, the state capital, is home to a distinctive tribal culture that is still highly respected in the area. Thadlaskein Lake, Krang Suri Falls, and Monolith in Nartiang are the main tourist attractions that make it a great place for adventurers to escape. In addition, the area is well-known for its variety of naturally occurring caverns, which rank among the top tourist destinations in Meghalaya.

15. Visit the Spread Eagle Falls

Spread Eagle Falls

These falls, which are in Shillong’s East Khasi Hills, were formerly known as Umkaliar Falls until their name changed to Spread Eagle Falls in honour of the bird’s spreading wings. The relaxing environment created by the pool that forms at the base of the falls makes it seem like the ideal location for picnics, both for residents and visitors who are interested in learning more about Meghalaya. One of the main reasons to visit this location is the vista, which is quite peaceful and provides for a great escape in the hills.

16. Visiting Arwah Cave

Arwah Cave, top things to do in Meghalaya

For thrill-seekers exploring caves is one of the best things to do in Meghalaya. One of the world’s biggest, most expansive, and most breathtaking cave formations is located in Meghalaya. Having said that, Arwah Caves is one of the most well-known locations on the list of Meghalaya Tourist Places. Only a small portion of Cherrapunji’s truly vast cave system is accessible to the general public for tours. Natural formations and marine animal fossils that may be as old as 30 million years old are used to adorn the space.  When in Meghalaya, you should explore this unusual location as it radiates adventure.

17. Explore Garden of Caves

Garden of Caves, top things to do in Meghalaya

Ka Bri Ki Synrang, which translates to “the Garden of Caves”, located in Sohra, Meghalaya. It is situated near the Laitmawsiang village. The park, which is surrounded by thick forests, offers stunning views wherever you turn. The location is replete with caverns and cascades formed over the years by seasonal waterfalls and constant rains. It is home to 14 waterfalls with the purest water you could ever imagine. This is one of Meghalaya’s most well-known tourist destinations; it is home to stunning waterfalls and rock formations.

18.Photography at Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls

This charming, gorgeous waterfall is located quite close to Shillong Peak. The waterfall’s breathtaking splendour mesmerizes, giving it the appearance of a massive elephant. Because of the three noticeable steps that the waterfall here descends, this location was formerly known as Three Steps Waterfall. However, the British eventually changed the name after discovering that this rock resembled a gigantic elephant. This is still a very well-liked tourist spot, and you will always treasure the beautiful vista.

19. Travel to Dain-Thlen Falls

Dain-Thlen Falls, top things to do in Meghalaya

One of the best places in Meghalaya to discover peace in the middle of nature is Dain-Thlen Falls. Your anxiety will subside as you witness the water stream dropping from a tremendous height into the pool below and hear the sound of the rushing water. The fall is approximately eighty and ninety meters high. The waterfall is a wonderful place for a picnic and is only 7 kilometres away from Cherrapunji. It’s a great place to take nature and landscape photos because of the waterfall’s picturesque appeal and the surrounding landscapes. This is one of the most serene tourist destinations in Meghalaya if you’re thinking about spending a quiet weekend away close to Cherrapunji. 

20. Explore Mawkdok Dympep Valley

Mawkdok Dympep Valley, top things to do in Meghalaya

At Mawkdok Dympep Valley, your quest for Meghalaya’s most beautiful location concludes. A cloud-covered haven surrounded by soft green blankets of vegetation, this valley is breathtaking in every way. The ideal place to take in the breathtaking views of this valley and take pictures with your camera is from the overlook at Duwan Sing Syiem Bridge. It is only a short 32 km from Shillong along the Shillong-Cherrapunji Road. Mawkdok Dympep Valley offers an exhilarating zip line experience as well.

21. Explore the Mawlynnong Village

Mawlynnong Village

Mawlynnong hamlet, which is known as the “cleanest village in Asia,” is a model for other Indian villages and cities, encouraging ecotourism. With a 100% literacy rate, this village—also known as God’s Own Garden—offers even more incentives to explore its verdant adventures. Make plans to visit this village soon, and when you do, make sure to engage with the residents and experience their traditional way of life. To refresh yourself, you might also decide to visit some of Meghalaya’s greatest valleys and take in the natural beauty of the state. Along with providing you with the best views of Meghalaya’s surreal beauty, several incredible resorts in the region guarantee a comfortable stay.

22. Mountain Biking at Sohliya Village

Mountain Biking At Sohliya Village, top things to do in Meghalaya

One of the best things to do in Meghalaya is to indulge in the enthusiastic sport of mountain biking, which also allows you to see the breathtaking views of the Sohliya hamlet. Savour a delectable, traditional lunch amidst the surreal beauty of this charming community, and lose yourself in the tranquillity of this place while biking through the lush green adventures, the woodland corridors, and the countryside pathways. You may also learn about the Khasi people.

23. Visit the Dawki River

Dawki River, top things to do in Meghalaya

At Mawkdok Dympep Valley, your quest for Meghalaya’s most beautiful location concludes. A cloud-covered haven surrounded by soft green blankets of vegetation, this valley is breathtaking in every way. The ideal place to take in the breathtaking views of this valley and take pictures with your camera is from the overlook at Duwan Sing Syiem Bridge. It is only a short 32 km from Shillong along the Shillong-Cherrapunji Road. Mawkdok Dympep Valley offers an exhilarating zip line experience as well.

24. Visit Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji , top things to do in Meghalaya

When it comes to being the wettest place on Earth, it is closely contested by Mawsynram. Until Mawsynram became well-known, this was without a doubt the winner. The most common thing to do in  Meghalaya is to visit Cherrapunji during any month of the year and immerse yourself in the “seemingly unending” rain. 

25. Travel to Khasi Hills

Khasi Hills, top things to do in Meghalaya

The physiographic region known as Khasi Hills in Meghalaya is characterized by its pure natural beauty. The area is most famous for having Mawsynram and Cherrapunji, two of the world’s wettest locations. The lush, verdant forests and rolling hills that round the Khasi Hills provide a welcome respite for weary bodies and broken spiV-shapedere are several interesting locations to visit in this area, such as Umiam Lake, Dawki River, Mawlynnong, and Shillong. Khasi Hills, the precious jewel in Meghalaya’s crown, is one of the state’s top tourist destinations.

26. Visit to Seven Sisters Falls Falls

Seven Sisters Falls

A visit to Seven Sisters Falls or Nohsngithiang Falls in Meghalaya is a great way to surprise yourself with something unusual. Among the most visited tourist destinations in Meghalaya, these stunning seven-segmented falls are situated 1 km south of Mawsmai Village. This is one of the nation’s tallest waterfalls. The waterfalls emerge from the centre of the thick forest and cascade 315 meters down the plateau, producing a breathtaking scene that is sure to melt people’s hearts and fill cameras. On your trip to Meghalaya, you simply cannot not miss seeing these falls.

27. Nohkalikai Waterfalls

Nohkalikai Waterfall, top things to do in Meghalaya

The excitement of standing beneath Nohkalikai Waterfall, India’s tallest waterfall, cannot be missed. This magnificent waterfall, which rises to a height of 1115 feet, is a natural marvel unto itself. From where it appears to be a thick, white rope hanging from a lush green cliff, you can see the tall waterfall perched on the edge of the cliff. 

This waterfall is breathtaking, and it’s one of those spots where you can’t help but get out your camera and take an endless stream of photos. Situated not far from Cherrapunji town, this Meghalaya tourism destination is highly recommended. 

28. Visiting Garo Hills

Garo Hills, top things to do in Meghalaya

The five districts that make up the Garo Hills are a geographical division of Meghalaya and are a component of the Garo-Khasi range. The area is mostly well-known to tourists for its surreal, cloud-bound scenery and fascinating tribal culture. The area is a wonderful getaway from the mundane affairs of life and has hills that are thickly covered with forest.

29. Visit Wei Sawdong Falls

Wei Sawdong Falls, top things to do in Meghalaya

Wei Sawdong Falls in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya is a must-visit location for nature lovers, adventurers, and tourists searching for unusual vacation locations. It provides an incredible glimpse into the natural grandeur and tranquil beauty of Meghalaya. Located in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, India, Wei Sawdong Falls, also called V-Shaped waterfall, is a spectacular natural beauty. This gushing waterfall, surrounded by thick forests and rich vegetation, captures the unadulterated splendour of the area. The “V”-“-shaped drop that the falls create when water drops from a height of about 1,035 feet (315 meters) is how they got their name. Wei Sawdong Falls is a trek through gorgeous scenery and quaint communities, making the trip there in and of itself an adventure. Excitement for the breathtaking vista that lies ahead is heightened as you get closer to the falls and hear the sound of rushing water. The monsoon season, when the water flow is at its highest and produces a breathtaking spectacle, is the best time to visit Wei Sawdong Falls. Photographers will love the enchanting atmosphere enhanced by the falls’ misty spray.

30. Relish the Local Food

Local Food, top things to do in Meghalaya

Meghalaya’s unique cuisine can be broadly classified into three cooking styles: Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia. Meghalaya is known for its diverse local cuisine, which includes rice, curries, stewed vegetables, meat, and bamboo shoots. Meghalaya is known for its culinary delights, which include Jadoh, Doh-Khlieh, Nakham Bitchi, Doh-Neiiong, Tungrymbai, Pudoh, and many others.

31. Shop at Bara Bazaar Shillong

Bara Bazaar Shillong, top things to do in Meghalaya

The capital of Meghalaya, Shillong, is dubbed the “Scotland of the East” because of its incredibly vibrant markets. Shopping here is one of the best places to visit in Meghalaya. The bara bazaar in Shillong is one such market. The bazaar, which is surrounded by pine trees and hills, is brimming with Meghalayan textile works, local artwork, handicrafts, and mementoes that you may purchase. There is nowhere else that will satisfy you like this busy market.


In conclusion, Meghalaya provides visitors with a multitude of singular and alluring experiences because of its appealing scenery and dynamic culture. The state offers a wide variety of activities, such as discovering the living root bridges at Cherrapunji and immersing oneself in the rich tribal traditions of the Jaintia and Khasi groups. Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers will find a magnificent environment made up of tranquil lakes, rich flora, and stunning waterfalls. Caverns in Meghalaya, like the Mawsmai Cave, provide an exciting experience for people who want to explore the enigmatic subterranean realm. The delicious regional food gives the whole experience a savoury touch. Meghalaya promises an amazing trip full of beautiful experiences, whether it’s walking through the stunning hills, seeing the living root bridges, or experiencing the friendly hospitality of the people. This undiscovered treasure in Northeast India is a place that begs to be explored and is sure to make a deep impression on those who are fortunate enough to experience its stunning beauty.

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People also ask about Things to do in Meghalaya

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Get in touch with our Travel Expert

In general, Meghalaya is regarded as safe for lone travellers. There is little crime and the people are kind. Take the usual safety precautions and enjoy the friendliness of the community.

Meghalaya offers options for all budgets. Low-cost lodging, nearby restaurants, and public transit alternatives allow travellers on a tight budget to enjoy the area without sacrificing experiences.

The dry season, which runs from October to April, is the ideal time of year to visit Meghalaya. This guarantees comfortable weather for travel, particularly for outdoor pursuits like hiking and sightseeing.

Meghalaya has a variety of adventurous experiences, including river rafting, trekking, and caving. Enter the mysterious caverns and investigate the root bridges for a singular adventure.

Meghalayan cuisine is known for its rice, fish, and meat preparations. Popular local dishes include Tung Rymbai, Jadoh, Bamboo Shoots, and Ki Kpu.

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is home to Shillong Airport. Major Indian cities are well-connected to the airport.

Even though taking pictures is normally permitted, it’s a good idea to respect local traditions, particularly when visiting places of worship. When in doubt, get permission before capturing the beauty, and be mindful of cultural differences.

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