Best time to visit Kashmir: Tips for a memorable trip

When is the best time to go to Kashmir? The answer to this question depends on your personal preferences and the kind of experience you are looking for. The best time to visit Kashmir is between March and August. Visitors to Kashmir Valley come to see this ‘Heaven on Earth’ and to experience all that it has to offer. There are two seasons in Kashmir: Spring (from March to early May), and Summer (from early May to the end of August). Spring is the season of flowers, and summer is the season of cool weather. The beauty of Kashmir is enough to take you to another world, and you’ll want to start planning your next Kashmir trip as soon as possible.

Summer Season in Kashmir (March to May)

Summer season in Kashmir

Summer, from June to August, is the happiest time of the year in the Kashmir Valley. It brings in a steady flow of tourists from all walks of life. Hotel rates are higher during this time and solitude is difficult to find in Srinagar. However, shikara rides or a night stay in houseboats on Dal Lake make it all worthwhile. Summer is also the season when most of the locals indulge in various festivals such as Ramzan, weddings, etc. Whether you are honeymooning on Dal Lake or an adventurous trekker planning your next Kashmir trip, Summer is the best time to visit the Kashmir Valley. Jammu in summer experiences the worst heat waves in the country, similar to Chandigarh and Delhi. It is the time when pilgrims from all over the country make pilgrimages to Vaishno Devi in Jammu and Amarnath Yatra in Kashmir.

Monsoon Season in Kashmir (June To September)

Monsoon Season in Kashmir,Best time to visit Kashmir

The Monsoon season, which runs from September to November, is one of the best times to visit the Valley. The summer crowds have mostly dispersed by this time, and the best time to visit the Valley is during the Monsoon season. However, don’t let the Monsoon season get in the way of your plans. The best time to visit Kashmir Valley during the Monsoon is during the Apple picking season. The apple-picking season is one of the most rewarding activities to do during the Monsoon in Kashmir.

Winter Season in Kashmir(November To February)

Winter season in Kashmir,Best time to visit Kashmir

Winter is the peak time in Kashmir when the winters begin. Temperatures in November and December can even reach 0 °C. But there’s a reason winter is the best season to visit Kashmir: snowfall. Snowfall in Kashmir begins in December and continues until March. The whole valley is covered in a blanket of snow and it’s a treat for anyone who loves snow. If you’re a fan of winter sports and activities like skiing, skating, or snowboarding, you’ll have the best time of your life. Don’t forget to take a cable car ride to get the best view of snow-capped hills. Temperatures during winter range from -2 °C up to 12 °C, with January being the coldest month.


Deciding when to visit Kashmir depends on what you like. If you like pretty flowers and nice weather, go in spring (March to May). If you like doing things outside and lots of people around, go in summer (June to August). If you like seeing colourful leaves, go in autumn (September to November). And if you like snow and peacefulness, go in winter (December to February). Each season is special in its own way, and Kashmir is always beautiful and ready to welcome visitors.

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People also ask about the Best time to visit Kashmir

March to August are the best months to visit Kashmir due to the perfect weather conditions during the transition between Spring and Summer.

There are so many things to do in the summer season, from going for a shikara ride on Dal Lake to going for a trek in the famous Pir Panjal Range, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the Mughal gardens at Srinagar.

The best time to see snow in Kashmir is in the winter months from December to February. The most popular snow destinations in Kashmir are Gulmarg, Pahalgam, etc.

Yes, Gulmarg is one of the most popular skiing destinations in the winter months. The snow-capped mountains provide an unbeatable skiing experience.

Shikara rides on Dal Lake are best during the summer months from May to August. The flowers are in full bloom and the weather is warm and pleasant.

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