Meghalaya Adventures: Discovering Thrilling Activities in the Abode of Clouds

Meghalaya is one of India’s most gorgeous destinations, and the experience it provides is unmatched. There are numerous best places to visit in Meghalaya and they are all eagerly awaiting your arrival. From touring Asia’s cleanest village to kayaking on India’s cleanest river, here is a list of top adventures and activities to do while vacationing in this magnificent area surrounded by scenic natural beauty.

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Top 12 Activities in Meghalaya

1. Camping Near Umiam Lake

Camping Near Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake is another natural beauty in Meghalaya. Camping on the Island in Umiam Lake, which is popular for adventure sports and picnics, will provide you with an excellent feeling. There are numerous adventurous activities available, such as  rock climbing, rappelling, zip line, and many more. The lake is full of wonderful ancient large trees and lush green beautiful splendor. With its calm surroundings, sounds of playful chirping birds, peaceful cool wind, and magnificent lakeside houseboats, it makes for the ideal comfortable activities in Meghalaya.

2. Walking on the David Scott Trail

Walking on the David Scott Trail

David Scott Trail is a popular trekking route among hikers, climbers, and tourists. The trail was discovered by the famous trekker David Scott, hence the name. This 16-kilometer trek is filled with adventure and natural beauty. On your trip up, you’ll see spectacular scenery like green tall magnificent trees, lovely tribal communities, and beautiful waterfalls. The amazing views of the hills and valleys along the walk will leave you speechless.

3. Trek To Bewildering Living Root Bridges

Living root bridges Meghalaya is a magnificent and mysterious region. The journey to this dominating double-decker root bridge, also known as the living root bridge in Cherrapunji, will take your breath away. Trekking is only one of the many activities available in Cherrapunji. This natural wonder is one of the most unique natural destinations among tourists, and it will leave you in wonder. The walk to the amazing location is as interesting, as it takes one through dense, lush green woods.So if you are interested to go in Meghalaya you are advised to do this activities in Meghalaya.

4. Explore Mawsmai Cave

Explore Mawsmai Cave

Meghalaya’s Mawsmai Cave is one of the top tourist destinations close to Shillong and is extremely well-liked by visitors. Meghalaya’s magnificent caves offer an exciting trip. The tunnels are incredibly narrow, deep, and dark. The caves are extremely difficult for visitors because there is only one entrance and one exit, and the environment is hard and rude. Travelers frequently find this exciting experience to be a little terrifying, but they still go through with it because of the extreme excitement it offers. The stunning limestone and crystalline formations within the cave, the unexpected experience, and the surge of excitement this adventure provides are what make it so well-liked by tourists. Among the top things this is the best activities in Meghalaya to do in December is this.

5. Laitlum Canyon Trekking

The Laitlum Canyon in the Meghalayan highlands is a fantastic trekking destination. Throughout the entire Northeast, this excursion is among the most well-liked ones. Despite being brief, this hike is not among the easiest because of the difficult path and scenery. Unmatched beautiful views occur along the path, but those from the peak are particularly stunning and completely satisfying. Since the walk may be finished in 4–5 hours, travelers enjoy this exciting experience. This gorgeous walk offers amazing views of the sunset and sunrise.

6. Capturing Images at Elephant Falls

This charming, gorgeous waterfall is located quite close to Shillong Peak. The waterfall’s breathtaking beauty attracts, giving it the appearance of a massive elephant. Because of the three noticeable steps that the waterfall here descends, this location was formerly known as Three Steps Waterfall. However, the British eventually changed the name after discovering that this rock looked like a giant elephant. This is still a very well-liked tourist spot, and you will never miss this place. This  activity should be in your top priority list if you are travelling to meghalaya.

7. Go to the Dawki River

Go to the Dawki River

Meghalaya is not just proud of having the cleanest village in Asia, but it also has magnificent rivers and lakes, the Dawki River being one of them. Boating across one of the purest rivers in India allows you to see the bottom while paddling through its crystal clear waters, making it the best activities in Meghalaya. Your spirit will be restored and you’ll be attracted by the emerald green seas.

8. Shillong Churches

There are churches in every corner of Shillong, and they are all unique from one another. This city’s churches are all stunning architectural marvels that will impress you. The extensive collection of churches in Shillong provides an understanding of religion combined with beautiful and detailed design. One of Shillong’s most well-known cathedrals, the Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians, is not to be missed if you are interested in doing activities in Meghalaya. The statue showing Mother Mary holding Jesus Christ is another magnificent example of architecture.

9. Visit To The Village Of Mawphanlur

Visit To The Village Of Mawphanlur

Mawphanlur village in Meghalaya is a remarkably charming place with heavenly natural beauty and incredibly kind people. When you get in Traveler’s Nest, first explore the holy trees in Mawphlang. To enjoy the breathtaking surroundings, you will enjoy walking through Lum Symper, Mawten, Lum Kyllang, Lum Nohkrek, Rambrai, and Mawdoh.One of the nicest spots to spend some relaxing time surrounded by beautiful ambrosial nature, a perfect clear sky, and the village’s adorable people. You may visit the local market, have a wonderful hot cup of tea, buy for local art and handicrafts, play with children, and soak up the sun – this place is full of vibrant colours. This location also provides excellent adventure sports and these activities in Meghalaya should be done if you are visiting. It is one of the top things to do in Meghalaya due to the abundance of activities available.

10. Shopping at Shillong's Bara Bazaar

Shillong, Meghalaya’s capital and nicknamed “Scotland of the East,” is also noted for its colorful markets. One such bazaar is Shillong’s bara bazaar. The bazaar, situated among the hills and pine trees, is filled with local artworks, Meghalaya textile works, handicrafts, and gifts for sale. This busy market will satisfy you like no other place.

11. Explore the Don Bosco Museum

Explore the Don Bosco Museum

The ancient Don Bosco museum is an important cultural center not only in Meghalaya, but in the northeast. This hexagonal-shaped museum is regarded as one of the best in the Northeast. The museum has seven storeys that symbolize seven different states in the northeast. This museum will introduce you to the rich culture, heritage, art, and colorful history of India’s seven northeastern states. The museum houses a magnificent collection of paintings, artworks, artwork, and artifacts. The museum also has a huge cultural library, a meeting room, and a media hall. This is an ideal activities in Meghalaya to visit and learn about the seven northern sister states.

12. Lunch at Trattoria

Lunch at Trattoria

Now that you’ve tried all of the exciting things to do in Meghalaya, you’re probably hungry and want to sample some amazing food that will satisfy your taste senses! Look no further than Trattoria, a small but popular café in Meghalaya’s Police Bazar. Although the cafe is small, it packs a lot of food! Having dinner is one of the best activities in Meghalaya to do  and should not be missed. This place is a foodie’s paradise. It serves some of the most fantastic delicacies, including Jakhaw Khasi, Dohnud, Dohjam, Doh Khelia, Tungtap, Ja Doh, and more finger-licking delicious foods.


With its beautiful scenery, distinct traditions, and thrilling activities, Meghalaya provides visitors with a wide variety of experiences. Meghalaya has something to offer every type of traveler, whether they choose to explore the living root bridges, go into the complex cave systems, take in the beauty of waterfalls, or involve themselves in the rich tribal culture.The capital of the state, Shillong, offers a combination of technological advances and scenic beauty, making it an ideal starting point for exploring Meghalaya’s wonders. Destinations such as the peaceful Umiam Lake and the holy forests of Mawphlang show distinct parts of Meghalaya’s attractions.

Meghalaya is essentially a place that expertly combines adventure, scenery, and culture, providing travelers who come to discover its wonders with an unforgettable trip. Traveling through the “Abode of Clouds,” you will be enthralled with the bright artwork of Meghalaya’s cultural mosaic, captivated by the depths of limestone caves, and captivated by the beauty of living root bridges.

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People also ask about Activities in Meghalaya

The distance between Cherrapunji and Guwahati by road is 53 kilometers.

 The ideal months to visit Meghalaya are October to June. Even in the summer, Meghalaya’s weather is nice. The rainy season lasts from June to September, and Meghalaya experiences major rainfall.

 Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, has its own airport called Shillong Airport. The airport is well-connected to major cities in India.

Snow rarely falls in Meghalaya. Due to their elevation, some spots in Meghalaya can experience subzero temperatures during peak winters. This may result in heavy frost.

Handmade shawls, black mushrooms, painted butterflies, traditional women’s clothes such as Jenson in the Khasi Hills and Dakmanda in the Garo Hills, and orange honey are also popular among tourists. You can buy these local products in Bara Bazar or Lewduh.

The monsoon season in Meghalaya lasts from June to October. During these months, the state experiences severe rains. Meghalaya has the world’s two rainiest cities, Mawsynram and Cherrapunjee. You can visit Meghalaya at any time of year, however we recommend avoiding the monsoon season.

A minimum of five to six days is sufficient to discover the best of Meghalaya.

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